Hangover II package

Let’s start with the pitch of the movie. Long story short, Phil, Alan, and Stu find themselves in a dreadful room, dirty and for one of them face tattooed, and of course hangovered. They don’t know it yet, but they are in Bangkok, and they lost the under-age future brother-in-law of Stu. The rest of the movie is about finding this young boy and come back in time for the wedding. Of course, your situation will not be the same (we hope really hope so), but we will make everything in our power to get at least a glimpse of what they went through.

Let’s Set The Scene

The Lebua Hotel is one of the most famous hotels in Bangkok, due to the movie Hangover II where some of the famous scenes. The Lebua was taken as the décor because it holds the best rooftop bar, the Sky Bar, and one of the best rooftop restaurants in Bangkok, the Sirocco. These places were used for the scene on the stairs when Phil makes the phone call to tell their friends they messed up. What better place to be to start your own Hangover II sequel? ”Learn More” Hangover 2 Suite | (bachelorbangkok.com)

sky bar rooftop bachelor party

4PM: Get Ready… Action!

You are in your Hangover II Suite, and at 5PM a sexy Party Girl will come to help get the party started! Very friendly and of course very hot, she is here to set the tone of the night and will stay with you throughout the entire in-suite party! ”Learn More” Party Girls | (bachelorbangkok.com)

5PM: Let The Temperature Rises!

One hour after the party started, and the alcohol starts to kick in, the show begins. The Stripper has arrived! Here for 2 hours, she is here to give a first very private taste of the wild that awaits for you! What is a bachelor party without a Stripper? ”Learn More” Strippers | (bachelorbangkok.com)


6:30PM: Make Him Cry!

So far, besides the Lebua, it might seems that the party doesn’t really look like a scene from the movie. You are making a mistake, because the movie is about to kick right back in! The Bachelor will be blindfolded and the Stripper and a Lady Boy will switch places. Will the Bachelor go all the way with his new partner, like Stu in the movie? Who knows…? ”Learn More” Lady Boy Prank | (bachelorbangkok.com)

8PM: Get Set… Go!

The in-suite party just ends, and it is time to hit the streets! Let’s get to the first stop of the night in the greatest way possible. One Tuk Tuk Race please! For one hour the drivers will show you the meaning of speed, and will make even one-stop to a place where you will be able to drive the Tuk Tuks! ”Learn More” Tuk Tuk Drift | (bachelorbangkok.com)

Funky minivan Experience Bangkok Bachelor

More Comfortable Than A Pick Up Truck

As the White Lion is a bit far from the the next stops, you will need the Minivan to get there. The Minivan is the perfect way to travel comfortably in the dense traffic of Bangkok! The Minivan will be available to you up until 3AM, to take you back to your hotel. ”Learn More” Party Minivan | (bachelorbangkok.com)

10:30PM: Second Part Of The Night!

You now enter the best street for Go Go Bars, Soi Cowboy. There are girls literally everywhere! A few dozens of establishments are in the street, enough to have hours and hours of fun! Enjoy! ”Learn More” Go Go Bars | (bachelorbangkok.com)

go go bar nighttime activities

Your Guide For The Night

To have the best experience of what Bangkok can give you as strip clubs, you need someone who knows them all. She is sexy, she is fun, she is hot, she can make jokes, she is arousing, and she will be your guide from the hotel to the end of your night! ”Learn More” Sexy Party Guides | (bachelorbangkok.com)

Mike Tyson’s Style!

The surprises are not over for the Bachelor, we need to spice things up a little for him! If he thinks the face tattoo of Mike Tyson looks good, he should wait until it is on his face, and it will be! (Warning: this is not a permanent tattoo, thank God!)

Alongside the tattoo, the Bachelor will have to wear a monkey teddy bear, which makes monkey noises. All. Night. Long. Will he save it like Alan does in the movie, or not?



At your Hangover II Suite at Lebua Hotel

The Minivan brings you back to the Lebua Hotel

  • 1 night in the Hangover II Suite at the Lebua Hotel
  • 1 Stripper (full striptease)
  • 1 Lady Boy Prank
  • 1 Party Girl
  • 3 Tuk Tuks for the Tuk Tuk Race
  • The White Lion
  • 1 Minivan
  • 1 Go Go Bar Crawl
  • 1 Party Guide
  • 1 Fake Tattoo Hangover II for the Bachelor
  • 1 Fake Dealer Monkey
  • Sexy Waitress
  • Sexy Sushi Dinner
  • Body Shots
  • Alcohol Package
  • Dare List
  • VIP Clubbing

There is no conditions, except the one that all our packages are 100% customizable!

In the case of the Hangover II Package, if you want to add more Party Girls and Strippers in your Suite, or you want more Party Guides at your sides while doing the Go Go Bar Crawl, or you just want to extend your stay at Lebua Hotel, contact us with the details and we will make it happen!

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