One night in Pattaya party package

Pattaya is very famous for its nightlife (to be honest, there is not much to do there at daytime). The One Night In Pattaya Package is about making discover the nightlife in this devilish city, where a sexy danger awaits you at every turn. There are a lot of strip clubs in this city, as there are a lot of clients. But you will experience in a different manner as the other people you will see in the street: you will own for a few hours your own strip club! Excited? What man wouldn’t be? 

In the case of the One Night in Pattaya Package, if you want to add more Strippers at the Go Go Bar, or you want more Party Guides at your sides during the night, if you want to extend your stay at the villa, or if you need anything more from the services included in the package, contact us with the details and we will make it happen!


1PM: On The Way To Pattaya And Back

The Minivan will be available to you throughout the entire time, which is 24 hours! The Minivan is the perfect way to travel very comfortably on the way to Pattaya. It is big enough for 10 people, the driver will drive anywhere you may fancy in Pattaya. It will bring you back to Bangkok after this wild night in Pattaya “MORE INFO” Party Minivan | (

4PM: A Private Pool For You

In the package, we propose a villa of 7 rooms for a group of 10 people. The size and number of rooms can be changed if asked, but we believe that for one night package it is enough. This villa in particular is party friendly, and has a great pool. The overall villa is great, clean and big, everything you need to enjoy your stay in Pattaya! “MORE INFO”  Pool Luxury Villas | (
pool villa in pattaya bachelor party

6:30PM: Your Guide For The Night

She will join you at your villa directly, and will take you to the city center of Pattaya, and will get you to the first part of the night: the restaurant. She is sexy, she is fun, and she will be your guide from the hotel to the end of your night! “MORE INFO” Sexy Party Guides | (

7PM: Let’s Eat

For what is about to happen to you and your group, you need some food in your belly! Tell us in advance the type of food you want to eat for dinner, and we will find you the best restaurant in town. Bon appétit!

9PM: The Most Private Service!

Let’s be honest, going to a strip club for a bachelor party is quite mainstream. But how many times in your life have you had a Go Go Bar Privatized for you, and only for you? We have the answer, and it is zero! So get for a once in a lifetime experience! The Bar will be for you for three hours, with an all-you-can-DRINK service. “Learn More”  Exclusive Show at the GoGo Bar | (

9PM: A Great Show To Reach Extasy!

In the Privatized Go Go Bar, there will be 10 Strippers! For you and only for you for the next three hours! As the alcohol is unlimited, this will be very fun. If you are a group of ten people, this mean one stripper per guy! ”Learn More” Strippers | (

Midnight: Let’s Hit the Club!

The best nightclub in the Thai Sin City. A bottle of rum, one of vodka and one of whisky will be waiting for you, alongside with a great staff. Your last mission for the night is to complete the Pattaya circle of life: have fun! “MORE INFO”  VIP Clubbing | BachelorBangkokBachelorBangkok


At 1PM the first day.

At your hotel/villa in Bangkok, at Sukhumvit Soi 33, or directly at the airport on your arrival the Minivan picks you up.

Back at Bangkok, in the afternoon the next day.

The Minivan brings you back at Bangkok everywhere you want, either your hotel/villa, or directly at the airport if needed.

  • 1 night in a 7 Rooms Pool Villa
  • 1 Minivan for 24 hours
  • 1 Party Guide
  • 1 Restaurant
  • 1 Privatized Go Go Bar
  • 10 Strippers
  • Lucifer with an alcohol package and a VIP table
  • A Pool Party Pattaya Package
  • A Stag Yacht Party Package
  • Sexy Sushi Dinner
  • Body Shots

There is no conditions, except the one that all our packages are 100% customizable!

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