Daytime Activities

When people think of a yacht party, their first thought is most likely that these types of parties are only for the wealthy. They couldn’t be further from the truth. We provide all types of services, including very affordable yachts for rent for a river party or even bachelor parties. Our fees also include the crew to run the ship. 

Extreme Fishing is arguably the best sport fishing activities in the world. Between the pole bending bites from the abundant trophy fish, take time to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Thailand landscape. Whether you are an experienced fisherman or […]

Are you visiting Bangkok and want a way to deal with the heat? You should contact us and try out wake boarding. It is one of the most exciting and fun water sports in the world and is definitely something that everyone should try out.

Bangkok has literally hundreds of massage parlors across the city. If you are looking for a legit traditional Thai massage then we can provide you with therapist that are the best in the city.

If you are in Bangkok and curious about Muay Thai, then contact us so that we can book you for our Thai Boxing Initiation. You will be trained by our Sexy Warriors and taught the Muay Thai ways. 

Sky diving is a very unique experience that is guaranteed to get your heart racing. When planning bachelor parties, don’t just think about the party, think about exciting activities such as this.

Everyone has that one friend who thinks they have god-like accuracy. Now is the time to prove to your friend that you are better than him. We offer a four acre paint balling experience that will prove who is better.

Miniature golf is an incredibly fun experience that is perfect for after the bachelor party. We also offer the chance to book our Sexy Caddy. She will be there to fulfill all of your golfing needs. You won’t regret booking her.

If you are curious about kitesurfing or just want to satisfy that extreme water sports itch. We know the best areas near Bangkok that have the best waves and the best wind to give you the best experience possible.

Do you think you are the best driver among your group of friends and want to prove it? We offer a karting racing experience like no other. Leave your friends in the dust on our extremely fun karting tracks.

If you want to know what its like to be a pilot then we have the best simulator for you. Our cocktail is very detailed and realistic and is perfect for training without leaving the ground.

Are you feeling the golfing itch but the weather in Bangkok is too rainy? Lucky for you we offer a golf simulator that will make you feel like you are actually on the course.

Bungee jumping is one of the most exciting activities in the world. We offer various spots that are perfect for bungee jumping and will give you the thrill of your life.

Bubble Football is a very underrated experience that is great for a group of friends. Wrap yourself into a plastic bouncy bubble and have fun tackling your friends.

A body to body massage is quite possibly the most sensual massage type in the world. It is not offered in most countries, which makes it a very sexy and exclusive experience. Do not miss out on this sexy massage type.

Have you ever rode an ATV? All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) are a great way to travel through a lot of areas of Thailand. ATVs are also the perfect vehicle for people who do not know how to ride motorbikes or scooters and even beginners can drive them after a few minutes of training.

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