Thai Boxing Initiation

An Experience Exclusive To Thailand

Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) is one of the most popular sports in all of Thailand, and for good reason. It has been practiced in Thailand since the mid-18th century and it is a sport that takes years of practice to get efficient at it. While you will likely be able to watch a Thai Boxing match in another country, nothing is more unique than experiencing the sport where it originated. When visiting Thailand don’t settle for just experiencing the delicious food and ancient temples, contact us and we can set you and your buddies up to participate in our Thai Boxing Initiation. It is a great way to get into Muay Thai if you are curious.

Challenge Yourself With A Thai Boxing Initiation

Thai Boxing may look easy, but it is actually a very gruesome challenge for the body and mind. Most Muay Thai fighters retire in less than 10 years and instead become trainers themselves because of the damage so many matches and constant training does to the body. With that being said, Muay Thai training is also very good for the body. It helps with stamina, lowering blood pressure, heart health as well as weight loss. Think you have what it takes to train in their place for even one hour? Our Thai Boxing Initiation is there for that reason, to help you challenge yourself.

Thai Boxing Initiation With Sexy Warriors

There to assist you are our Sexy Warriors. There are actually female Muay Thai fighters who love to teach people how to train the real Muay Thai way. They will help you practice the basic punches and strikes as well as combos. These sexy ladies are very charming and are the perfect instructors. While they may be charming, they can be dangerous. Think that you can beat them? You can have fun sparring with them in a playful way or you can try to show off and actually try to beat them. Be aware, they are tough fighters and have been training for years, you will likely lose. 

Don’t be too hard on yourself though, a few hours of training in the Thai Boxing Initiation is nothing compared to years of training Muay Thai. Not interested in fighting our Sexy Warriors? Don’t worry, we also have two other challenges for you: Ladyboys and little people. Ever fought a ladyboy before? Looks can be deceiving in more than one way, they may be beautiful, but they can be a very tough challenge for an amateur as well. Think that you are tough enough to beat one of our little people? They are half your size, but don’t underestimate them.

Best Thai Boxing Initiation In Thailand

Interested in Muay Thai, but don’t know how to get started? Book our Thai Boxing Initiation and we will satisfy your curiosity. We will start by having you meet with a few of our professional trainers, including our Sexy Warriors who love teaching the Thai Boxing Initiation. They will perform a demonstration on what exactly Thai Boxing looks like. Then you will learn a few punches and strikes as well as combos. Then you will put your skills to the test by challenging a few of your buddies. 

If you are interested, you can also challenge our Sexy Warriors, ladyboys or little people. Think that you are tough enough to beat them? Think again. A few hours of our Thai Boxing Initiation will surely make you tougher and more knowledgeable about Muay Thai, but it is hard to actually master the sport, let alone beat people who have been practicing it for years. If you think you are tough enough, book our Thai Boxing Initiation and put your skills to the test in a very fun way.

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