Beer pong is a lot of fun but make it sexy when you book a sexy referee for beer pong. She will be there to make sure you have a perfect sexy and fun game. She can use the original rules or you can make your own and she will make sure that everyone sticks to them. 

Having a server during a party is something that is often overlooked. Next time you plan a party, book one or more of our sexy waitresses and make the party even better. Picture yourself enjoying the party and a sexy waitress walks up to you, refills your beer, and then offers you a lap dance, how can you improve upon that?

Get the party started from the comfort of your hotel room with our sexy body shots girls. Spice up any bachelor party by doing shots off the tits of our beautiful Thai models. 

Every man has a sexual fantasy of two women playing with each other erotically. Here in Thailand, that fantasy can easily become a reality. Just book our sexy two girls show and make all of your dreams come true. Our beautiful models are there to entertain you by pleasing each other.

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