Muay Thai

An Experience Exclusive To Thailand

Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) is one of the most popular sports in all of Thailand, and for good reason. It has been practiced in Thailand since the mid-18th century and it is a sport that takes years of practice to get efficient at it. While you will likely be able to watch a Thai Boxing match in another country, nothing is more unique than experiencing the sport where it originated. When visiting Thailand don’t settle to just experiencing the delicious food and ancient temples, contact us and we will set you up with tickets to a Muay Thai match at the best price for you and your friends.

Perfect For Bachelor Parties

Bachelor parties shouldn’t just be parties, they should be an experience. The goal is to make sure that the bachelor has the most fun possible, add to the experience by contacting us so we can get you tickets to a Thai Boxing match at the best price. Your friends will experience the excitement of a live Muay Thai match, something that is almost exclusive to Thailand and surely something your buddies back home haven’t seen. It is a very exciting thing to do either before or after a bachelor party. 

Improve the night even more by booking our party minivan, which will pick you up at your hotel and get you to the match on time. Inside the party minivan is a minibar and a stereo, so the ride will definitely be an interesting one. After watching the very exciting Muay Thai match, the party minivan will happily take you back to your hotel or any location that you choose. Pre-game in the van as you make your way back to your hotel for the bachelor party. The night is yours.

An Exciting Thai Boxing Challenge

Are you interested in learning what its like to train in Muay Thai? Contact us for our Thai Boxing initiation. During this initiation, the instructors and the Sexy Warriors will teach you how to punch and strike the Muay Thai way. After you have gotten comfortable, feel free to challenge your friends to see who is the best. Want to take it a step further? Challenge The Sexy Warriors to a match and see if you can best them. 

They are well trained and stronger than they look. You also have the option of challenge ladyboys or one of our little people, all you have to do is inquire when you book. Our Thai Boxing initiation is the perfect introduction to Muay Thai and a great way for a bit of exercise and knowledge about this ancient martial art. Take it a step further and contact us to purchase Thai Boxing tickets for the best price possible.

Best Muay Thai In Thailand

Visiting Thailand is a very good thing. There plenty of things to experience, such as the beautiful beaches, delicious food, the women, and the culture. Don’t just visit temples when you want to experience the culture, contact us and book our Muay Thai Initiation or Thai Boxing tickets. It is a great way to be entertained and learned about Muay Thai and a great way to challenge your buddies to see who is the best and who is the weakest. It is a perfect event for bachelor parties as well and is sure to impress the bachelor. 

When visiting Thai Boxing matches you will notice that most people do not speak English, so working your way around might prove to be difficult. That is why we recommend that you also book our sexy party guide to come along with you for the exciting night. She will help you navigate and translate through the fight, that way no one is confused. After the match, if you decide you want to head to the club instead of back to the hotel she can come along and show you the best clubs that Bangkok has to offer.

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