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Bangkok is a great place for a Bachelor party, but if you want to do more things than a party in your hotel suite, Pattaya is the place to go. Pattaya is a city made for partying, and one of the must-do there is a pool party. The Pool Party Pattaya Package is custom-made for you to have the best experience of what a Thai pool party really is. So, come over and jump in the pool!

Funky mini van bachelor

11AM: On The Way To Pattaya And Back

The Minivan will be available to you throughout the entire time, which is 24 hours! The Minivan is the perfect way to travel very comfortably on the way to Pattaya. It is big enough for 10 people, the driver will drive anywhere you may fancy in Pattaya. It will bring you back to Bangkok after this wild night in Pattaya ”Learn More”  Party Minivan | (bachelorbangkok.com)

2PM: A Private Pool For You

In the package, we propose a villa of 7 rooms for a group of 10 people. The size and number of rooms can be changed if asked, but we believe that a one-night package is enough. This villa, in particular, is party-friendly and has a great pool, where the party will happen. The overall villa is great, clean, and big, with everything you need to enjoy your stay in Pattaya!Learn More Pool Luxury Villas | (bachelorbangkok.com)

4PM: Turn Up The Music DJ!

The pool party starts with the music. The sound system is top notch, and you can choose what type of music you want to listen to. The Bikini DJ is here to make sure all of your favorite songs are played. As the rest of the girls present at the party, she is very hot! But in the contrary of the other girls present, she is only here for the music and the pleasure of the eyes… Don’t worry, she will make everything she can for you to have the best pool party of your life 

Drink, Drink, Drink!

The alcohol package is composed of 4 bottles of spirit (rum, vodka, whisky, gin…), 4 bottles of wine and 60 cans of beers. Enough to very much enjoy this pool party! The alcohol package provides ice, mineral water and soft drinks. Tip: the girls drink as well, so if you think it might not be enough, don’t hesitate to tell us!


Eat, Eat, Eat!

The barbecue is composed of chicken and veggies brochettes, and it is as much as you can eat! You do not have to exit the pool to get it, the girls are also here for that!  

Sexy And Just For You

They will be the real attraction of the party, and are only here for you! For the next 4 hours, they will take care of you, give lap dances, have fun with you, but more important than everything else, they will make sure you are having a good time! 

Learn more on  Bikini Models | (bachelorbangkok.com)

Best Bachelor party Bangkok

Here To Serve You

They are as sexy as the Bikini Babes, but are here to make sure your drink is never empty, and also if you need any food in your stomach. They are also here with you to fool around, and make sure you will never forget about this afternoon in Pattaya!Learn More on Private Sexy Waitress | (bachelorbangkok.com)

9PM: Your Guide For The Night

She will join you at your villa directly, and will take you to the city center of Pattaya, and will get you to the first part of the night: Go Go Bar Crawl. She is sexy, she is fun, and she will be your guide from the hotel to the end of your night!Learn More on Sexy Party Guides | (bachelorbangkok.com)

10PM: Welcome To The Walking Street

This is the main street of Pattaya when it comes to partying! Every Go Go Bar and nightclub of this city are in this very special street. You can find a Go Go Bar for every type of desire, so just ask your Party Guide and she will take you there!Learn More Go Go Bars | (bachelorbangkok.com)

Midnight: Let’s Hit the Club!

The best nightclub in Pattaya. A bottle of rum, one of vodka and one of whisky will be waiting for you, alongside with a great staff. Your last mission for the night is to complete the Pattaya circle of life: have fun!Learn More VIP Clubbing | (bachelorbangkok.com)


At 11 AM on the first day.

Back in Bangkok, in the afternoon the next day.

At your hotel/villa in Bangkok, at Sukhumvit Soi 33, or directly at the airport on your arrival the Minivan picks you up.

The Minivan brings you back to Bangkok everywhere you want, either to your hotel/villa or directly at the airport if needed.

  • 1 night in a 7 Rooms Pool Villa
  • 1 Minivan for 24 hours
  • 1 Bikini DJ
  • 1 Sound System
  • Barbecue Dinner
  • Alcohol Package (4 bottles of spirit, 4 bottles of wine, 60 beers, with ice, water, and softs)
  • 5 Bikini Babes
  • 2 Sexy Waitresses
  • 1 Party Guide
  • 1 Go-Go Bar Crawl
  • Lucifer with an alcohol package and a VIP table
  • Go Go Bar Privatized
  • Sexy Sushi Dinner
  • Body Shots
  • Lesbian Show

There are no conditions, except the one that all our packages are 100% customizable!

In the case of the Pool Party Pattaya Package, if you want to add more Girls during the pool party, or you want more Party Guides at your sides during the night, if you want to extend your stay at the villa, contact us with the details and we will make it happen!

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