Super Hero package

We are stronger in a group, that’s a fact. Being the only one in costume at a party is awkward and uncomfortable, but it is so much fun when you are with your friends. And if the costumes are funny, or are superhero costumes, it promises a great night. You will have received the help of a sexy Girl and a Midget, which is a true pussy magnet by the way. So fill in your costume and let’s party!

7PM: The Costumes Arrive

One member of Bachelor Bangkok’s staff will bring you the costumes, and you will be able to choose who wears what. The costumes will have to be returned the next day, and a deposit per costume will be asked. Apart from these two rules, have fun!

The Dare List will be brought alongside the costumes Costumes Rental | BachelorBangkokBachelorBangkok

Super Hero package
Super Hero package

8PM: Wonder Woman At Your Side

Your Party Guide for the night, excuse us your Wonder Woman for the night, arrives. You have just enough time to get to know her, and it is already time to go out. The Party Guide is the perfect person to show you the best bars in town! Sexy Party Guides | BachelorBangkokBachelorBangkok 

8:30PM: The Minivan Picks You Up

You are already in your costume, maybe a bit drunk already, and you are waiting for transport. The Minivan will pick you up, you and Wonder Woman to take you to Soi Cowboy, where the fun awaits you! Party Minivan | BachelorBangkokBachelorBangkok 

sexy girls limousine
Super Hero package

9PM: Meet Your Entertainer For The Night

Right before entering the street of strip clubs, you will meet your superhero costumed entertainer for the night. Be careful, you might not see him in the first place… Watch out, our Little Persons are experts in being pains in the arse and spend most of their time running everywhere. If you lose him, you have to buy us a new one! Little Person Midgets | BachelorBangkokBachelorBangkok

9PM: The Fun Begins

You now enter the best street for Go Go Bars, Soi Cowboy. Your mission for the night, enter in as much bars as you can, and attract as much ladies as you can without taking off your costumes. To add to the challenge, you will have to execute the Dare List! Go Go Bars | BachelorBangkokBachelorBangkok


The Bus comes at your hotel/villa or to Sukhumvit Soi 33 to pick you guys up.

Back at your hotel

  • 1 Minivan
  • 10 Super Hero or Foolish Costume (to choose)
  • Dare List
  • 1 Little Person
  • 1 Party Guide
  • 1 Go Go Bar Crawl
  • VIP Clubbing
  • Day activity
  • In-suite Party

There is no conditions, except the one that all our packages are 100% customizable!

In the case of the Super Hero Package, if you want to have more Party Guides with you, or more Little Persons, contact us with the details and we will make it happen !

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