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At Bachelor Party Bangkok, we are committed to create the event of your lifetime from A to Z. We carefully organize a custom party and provide actual party-friendly accommodation and transport. Our goal: make this moment unforgettable for you and a milestone in your life!

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We have some of the best activities that will make your experience memorable, a party that you surely will remember for your whole life !

We have more to offer you

We don’t only specialize in bachelor parties. We have over 20 years of experience planning other parties as well. 

  • Boat Party
  • Pool Villa Party
  • Private Venue Party
  • Personal Party
  • Corporate Party

 and more!

Start the night the right way, filled with fun and some unforgettable and sexy shows such as

  • Sexy body shots
  • Lesbian show
  • Private sexy waitress

 and more!

Bypass all of the gaggling with taxi drivers and have top-notch transportation provided for you. We provide services such as

  • Party bus
  • Stretch limo
  • Airport transfer

and more!

Be ready to spend the night of your lifetime in our best villas and hotel suites. We offer you accommodations like

  • Pool villa
  • Party friendly villa
  • Party friendly hotel suite

and more!

Famous for its underground and outrageous aduld show culture, get ready for a wild ride in Bangkok! You’ll be able to find out

  • Best Go Go bar
  • Best party girls
  • Fetishist show
  • Professional stripper
  • Party guides

and many others!

Get surprised with the daytime activities Bangkok and Pattaya have to offer. Enjoy the best activities out there such as

  • Traditional massages
  • Best yacht party
  • Thai boxing initiation
  • Sky diving
  • Paint balling

and many others!

Make any service unique with these great additions. Little extras such as

  • Personal body guards
  • Sexy maid prank
  • Lady boy prank
  • Midgets
  • Customized Naughty cakes

and many more!

Bangkok has a lot of bars to offer you and we have narrowed it down to the absolute best. Keep the party going after your stag do.

  • Rooftop Bars
  • Trendy Bars
  • Sports Bars
  • Cigar and Whisky Lounges

and many others!

Packages for groups of 10 peoples

This is our best-selling package, and everything in this package is made to give an overall experience of what throwing a Buck Party in Bangkok is all about. In-suite party, girls, alcohol, and parties again. All of this in one day.

Customize your own package !

If you’re not 100% convinced by our pre-made packages, then why not make yours. Here you can choose precisely which service you want day by day. You can customize accommodations, transportation, nighttime activities and more! After a few days, we will give you the quote with the same attractive prices as our ready-prepared packages. The best event is the one that fits you.

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customer review

I came for bachelor party with my friends, we went to Pattaya for a fun weekend. The company privatized a yacht for us, with all necessary entertaining, which was so cool. We also used Partybus to go to pattaya definitely a must !

These guys will take care you. Easy to communicate, trustworthy! They will make magic happen...



It entirely depends on which city you prefer. For instance, when choosing Bangkok, party-friendly hotel suites are the way to go. But if you prefer the atmosphere in Pattaya, it will be much cheaper for you to spend time in a pool villa. 

There is one crucial thing that you have to pay attention to : is the hotel suite or villa party and guests friendly? If it is, then you will be able to play music as you want and bring girls to your party.

BachelorPartyBangkok will ONLY provide you party and guests friendly accommodations. Some people do not do that and it’s the worst error you can make. You will spend a much better time if your party is not interrupted by the local police for sure!

Everything has to be ready at least 2 weeks before the bachelor party occurs.

Generally, we recommend that you contact us 2 months before the event, so that it let us enough time to discuss and plan the event so that everything is perfect.

Since Paypal is no more available in Thailand for individuals, we now use another service called Wise (formerly TransferWise)

It’s a well-known payment service that allows you to do fast and secure transfers with very low fees. Alternatively, you can also use direct bank transfer or your credit card.


You can already set up your account by clicking here

First of all: NO TAXIS. Many foreigners use them and have a terrible time. There are many scammers, most of them do not speak English at all and the worst is that you can get lost.

If you want to party, the best advice we can give is to stay together in the same vehicle and find a party-friendly one. We provide you with funky minivans, party buses, limos, and much more!

Bangkok is undoubtedly THE place to go for bachelor’s. No matter if you are a gap year western student, an expatriate from Hong Kong or Japan, you’ll have an unforgettable moment there.

But why is it the best place? Basically, you can get everything for cheap, parties are at every corner, it has a rich and enthralling culture, tasty food, tropical climate and last but not least: thai girls.

In Bangkok, you will experiment the thrilling nightlife, living each moment to the full. Whereas in Pattaya, you can discover the beach atmosphere and pretty girls.

As for Phuket, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches of this pleasant town.

Finally, geographically speaking, Thailand and Bangkok in particular is at the very center of South-East Asia. A place where you can meet all together to have the best party of your lifetime.

Apart from carefully planning your bachelor party in advance so that you can enjoy the party to the fullest, you can also include some funny add-ons to your program like the Mini Batman midget, do a ladyboy prank or any other thing that we can offer!

The most expensive service that we can provide is the Yacht party. The most expensive for sure, but also the most fantastic one!

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