Fun Add-ons

Bangkok is one of the last cities on Earth where you can find quality tailor made suits at a cheap price. Instead of spending a paycheck on a suit in the US or Europe, wait until you arrive in Bangkok and get not only a quality suit for a bachelor party, but a tailor made suit exclusively for your body by our gifted tailors. You get what you pay for, and our tailor made suits will not disappoint you.

Book our sexy maid and she will give him one final send off before he is ready to commit to marriage. Our sexy maid prank is a great alternative to the lady boy prank if you do not think he will find lady boys attractive. You will enjoy the sexy entertainment she gives you and you will have fun pranking your buddy one last time before heading back home for marriage. 

Booking our personal bodyguards will guarantee that you and your buddies will not run into any trouble so that you can focus on which bar to go to next or which beautiful woman to take back to your hotel for even more fun. They are perfect for personal security or any events or parties that you want protected.

Our little people are the most energetic in all of Thailand, and they love to laugh, drink, and most of all, party. They will absolutely be the life of any bachelor party and will join in on all the fun.

When booking our sexy strippers why not also pull a ladyboy prank? What is a ladyboy prank? Picture the bachelor in the middle of the room blindfolded and getting a sexy lap dance from one or more of our strippers. Little does he know, he is about to experience a Ladyboy bait and switch.

Need a funny and naughty cake for a party or event? Order one of our cakes and you will be creating a very unique experience for everyone that attends. When creating our cakes, we put a lot of creativity and detail into them to give you the best quality cakes possible. 

Our costume rental service has a wide selection of costumes to choose from, so you will not be disappointed. Maybe you want to throw a fetish themed party, and everyone shows up in dark BDSM clothing or even a superhero themed party where everyone is dressed as their favorite superhero. Or maybe if you arrived in Bangkok just in time for Halloween.

Order our Bachelor Survival Kit and we will provide you with the best way to get a party started as well as the best way to deal with the inevitable hangover. It is the perfect gift for the bachelor and any friend. We assure you that no one else offers this kind of survival kit and it should definitely be taken advantage of when preparing for the ultimate bachelor party in Bangkok.

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