The fierce Guns and babes bachelor party package

Imagine a post-apocalyptic world. In which everything is about survival. In order to survive, you need to know how to defend yourself, but also you need to have hunting skills. Knowing how to hunt means knowing how to track and kill. Your life depends on it. You need to be trained, and then put in action. This training looks hard, and a bachelor party is not about having hard times, it is about having great times. This is why we offer the Guns & Babes Package.

2PM: Start Of The Day

The Minivan is the perfect transportation system, mixing great comfort, fun atmosphere and a certain pace, depending of course of the dense traffic in Bangkok. Each Minivan can transport 10 people. ”Learn More”  Party Minivan | (

2PM: Time To Meet Your Judge!

Our Sexy Warrior will be waiting for you in the pick-up place, and will be with you throughout your journey of training for the Apocalypse. She will be the judge, and determine who will be worthy to fight at her sides, as the Chosen One. ”Learn More” Sexy Party Guides | (

3PM: Show Your Aiming Skills!

The training starts with the Shooting Range, where you will be able to show your shooting skills to your friends, or to discover the power of a firearm. The Sexy Warrior will teach you if you need, an opportunity to reinforce the bond between you and her… ”Learn More” Shooting Range | (

PM: You Are Put To The Test!

Now you need to put your skills to the test, at the Laser Game. The game is vampire style, post-apocalyptic theme obliged. You will face the Sexy Warrior in several games, to determine who is the most likely to survive this Apocalypse. 



At 2 PM with the Minivan Pick-up from your hotel/villa, or at Sukhumvit Soi 33. The time can be changed if you desire

At your hotel/villa, or at Sukhumvit Soi 33

The Minivan brings you back to the location it picked you up from.

  • 1 hour at the Shooting Range
  • 1 hour of Laser Game
  • 1 Sexy Warrior
  • 1 Minivan
  • Paintball
  • Tuk Tuk Race between the Shooting Range and the Laser Game
  • Alcohol Package
  • Go Go Bar Crawl

There are no conditions, except the one that all our packages are 100% customizable!

In the case of the Guns & Babes Package, if you want to add more time at the two different locations, or you want more Sexy Warriors at your sides, contact us with the details and we will make it happen!

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