Go Go Bars

GoGo Bars

Nothing can compare to the jaw dropping sight of the ins and outs of a Bangkok Go-Go Bar night. Truly gifted with some of the most beautiful women in the world, these clubs are the kinds of places where just about anything you can conjure up in your head can happen, and often does. With Bachelor Party Bangkok, you will have VIP access to sexiest dens gracing the Land of Smiles, giving you unadulterated views of the sultry shows you can only find in Thailand. Contact us for gogo bar crawling or get total privacy in our Bachelor Bangkok private rooms with lap dance and unbelievable lesbian shows on demand.

This is a list of the GoGo bars we feature:

GoGo Bar Crawl

The most budget friendly option, enjoy the best Bangkok Gogo bars, all in one night, with drinks included in each bar. Spice the night up even more with one of our sexy party guides who will draw the hottest ladies to you, negotiate the best prices, and keep you and your boys safe in a den of wolves.


This is the groom’s chance to be the center of attention! Several of our most talented teasers will perform in a no holds barred show where the main prop is the guest of honor. If you are the best man of a wedding and looking for a last blowout treat for the groom, this is it.


I don’t know a single man alive that wouldn’t love this club. Getting wet here is probably the last thing you will remember. At our Jacuzzi Bar, you will not only get to watch ladies bear all of their god given assets in the alluring setting of a shower, but you will be seated so close that you will be able to see every inch of their smooth, tan, Asian complexions in fine detail. Don’t let this chance to make a boyhood fantasy come true slip away.


A little S&M with your drinks? Join Bachelor Party Bangkok at our infamously popular Go-Go bar known for its playful pranks on its patrons. From the moment you step in you’re part of the show and subject to spankings and torture alike. But don’t take it lightly because the women don’t. They live this lifestyle outside of the bar so they are extremely passionate about their work, and happy to share that passion with you. So, grab your favorite leather chaps and spiked collar and fit right in at our spanking go-go bar.