Thai Party Girls

Our Models Wear Sexy Clothing

The best thing about throwing your own party is that you make all the rules. Another core benefit for hiring our Thai party girls is that you can decide what they wear. If you are looking for a themed party such as cop girls or nurses, then you need to look no further. Our models are available to more classy formal wear as well as casual, they can adapt to any party. Just let us know what you prefer while you book them. If the occasion calls for it, our models also do not mind being topless. What our Thai party girls wear is only limited to your imagination.

Party girls

Party With Gorgeous Women

The only thing better than a party with great music and drinks, is a party where you are surrounded by sexy women waiting to get their hands on you. Our Thai party girls are the attraction of the party and can be touched and kissed to their own discretion. These sexy women are there to dance with or for you, make your party guest feel special, and to keep the life of the party going.

thai party girls

Play Sexy Party Games

There is nothing worse than a dying party. Keep the party going with games that you can play with our Thai party girls. Whether you want to drink body shots, jello shots, enjoy a sexy strip tease, play drinking games, or even enjoy some sexy lesbian shows. Imagine yourself smoking a cigar and sipping on the finest whiskey while watching two beautiful women perform a lesbian show just for you and your closest friends. 

Picture the look on your buddy’s face when you surprise him with four sexy strippers for his bachelor party. Can he guess which one is the ladyboy? It doesn’t matter because either way he will be handcuffed to a chair and will not be able to move. He is there for the night of his life; this party will deliver. The options and the amount of fun you can have with our Thai party girls is limited only by your imagination. Our Thai party girls are the sexiest in Thailand and guaranteed to keep you entertained until the party ends.

beer pong bachelor party game

Have A Sexy Party In Bangkok

Planning a sexy party in Bangkok? We have got you covered. Plan ahead and book one of our party minivans and get the partying started the moment you arrive at the airport. Enjoy quality drink and entertainment from our Thai party girls as they drive you to your hotel or other destination. Afterwards, when you are ready, get dressed and experience the great nightlife that Bangkok has to offer you. Nervous or not sure about where to go? Check out our Sexy Party Guides who will show you the way and make sure your night is fun and sexy. The night is young and beautiful women are waiting for you.

Party girls

Have A Sexy Party In Pattaya

When it comes to having great parties and experiencing the best nightlife that Thailand has to offer, Pattaya is the king. Bangkok is a great place to party but, Pattaya is much cheaper and has a great day and nightlife. Come experience the city that never sleeps and plan your party by booking Thai party girls at one of many clubs, beach villas or hotels that Pattaya has to offer you. When one of our sexy party girls is giving you a lap dance on the beach, you will be thanking us.

Have A Sexy Party In Phuket

Phuket is rated to have some of the best beaches in all of Thailand and that should be taken advantage of. Experience sexy VIP yacht parties with our Thai party girls or sexy bikini models that are more than willing to keep you entertained until the party ends. That’s the beautiful thing about Thailand, the party only ends when you want it to. Plan a private party at your beach villa with a few of our models to entertain you for the rest of the night. Watch the sunset (or sunrise) with two beautiful women around your arms.

Party girls

Russian Party Girls

When wandering around the streets of Bangkok you will sometimes come across clubs or posters that advertise the chance to party with Russian girls. These companies are able to supply you with beautiful women to party with but beware that some of these are actually scams. Not to mention that they charge anywhere between 3-10x more money than we do, and that’s just the bill for the girls, not the booze and the booked venues as well as food. It adds up to a very expensive night. Book our affordable Thai party girls instead to not break your wallet.

Party girls

Best Beautiful Party Girls In Thailand

Our Thai party girls are great for any party situation. Whether you want someone to experience the nightlife with dancing and drinking, to bring a date to a small get together, to book the most beautiful women in Thailand for a bachelor party or make a limousine ride more exciting. Picture yourself enjoying a glass of champagne while a sexy girl with huge breast is giving you a personal lap dance. That could be yours. No matter the destination, our Thai party girls are there to make any dream become a reality.
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