Best intense Tuk Tuk Drift experience in Bangkok

This Tuk Tuk experience is not as intense as Tokyo Drift but for a fun shot of adrenaline we had to add it on here.
One of the first things that catches the interest of newcomers to Asia is the famous Tuk-Tuk, a motorized tricycle with a passenger carriage on the back.
It is one of the most widely used and certainly the most exciting form of transportation in Southeast Asia. Driven by our expert Tuk–Tuk racers, feel the wind in your hair as you zip in and out of traffic with ease racing your friends to the next party spot. Don’t worry; there is plenty of room for any additional friends that you may pick up at the bar.
This service includes but is not limited to:

  • Passenger Capacity: maximum 4 people per Tuk Tuk
  • Experience local culture
  • Race your friends on other Tuk Tuks

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