VIP Clubbing

Bachelor Party Bangkok is partner with all the best clubs of Bangkok. To allow us to give you an experience of a lifetime with peace of mind.

Only through Bachelor Party Bangkok can you access the hottest spots in Bangkok in such luxury. With our VIP instant club access you won’t find yourself soiling your favorite shirt with the rest of the club goers waiting to get in.

Once inside, be ready for the royal treatment. With generous amount of complimentary liquor and mixers being served by your own personal vivacious vixens. We have a wide array of services, clubs, and activities to choose from, we make sure that your nightlife experience in Bangkok is best and safest it can be. Please feel free to look through our list of clubs and let us know what we can arrange for you.

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Ladyboy Experience VIP Clubbing Levels

The norm in Thailand is never normal, and this show is a prime example.

Thailand is known for its Cabaret Shows featuring some of the world’s most beautiful ladyboys, famous for putting on the liveliest and most extravagant shows that always go over the top.

With Bachelor Party Bangkok you are guaranteed to see the best of the best.

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VIP Clubbing Ce La Vi

Situated in the heart of Sathorn, CE LA VI Bangkok is set to redefine dining and entertainment in the City of Angels. With sprawling interiors designs and concept firm AvroKo, the venue houses multiple dining rooms, two stylish clubs and numerous private areas to host the city’s movers and shakers. The most VIP stag party option for your group.

Afterhours Clubbing at Sugar

Sugar is an upscale nightclub, and it has become synonymous with Bangkok’s unique late night clubbing scene. This is a haven for the devoted music lovers and the city’s most glamorous. BASH caters to those late party goers, a luxuriously slick underground sub-culture combined with the highest quality dance music.

Sugar’s unique interior boasts futuristic metallic chaise lounges, gothic wrought-iron fixtures, glittering chandeliers and industrial subterranean-esque bars, which draw in night crawlers to Soi 11 from all corners of Bangkok.

Hours of operation: MIDNIGHT!- till very, very late

Afterhours Clubbing at Nixx

Already regarded as “the place to be” in Pattaya for its music and the unparalleled funky style,

Nixx continues to blow the minds of visitors year after year. Truly a place worthy of the Pattaya reputation now available in Bangkok, party with your boys at this paradise surrounded by a room saturated with sultry vixens. They have two rooms at the Nixx Discotheque, each laying down the best hip-hop and house tracks, and they close very late! .