Get The Anchor Up!

Thailand is famous worldwide for its beaches and its warm sea water. Everyone can access the beaches, but enjoying the pleasure of this water from a boat is less accessible. And if it is accessible, having a yacht to do it is the VIP version of it. And if you have a boat, what is missing? A party! With the Stag Yacht Party Package, this is the best version of a boat party!

When does it starts?

At 10AM.

When does it ends?

Back at Bangkok, in the evening, around 9PM.

Where does it starts?

At your hotel/villa in Bangkok, at Sukhumvit Soi 33, or directly at the airport on your arrival the Minivan picks you up.

Where does it ends?

The Minivan brings you back at Bangkok everywhere you want, either your hotel/villa, or directly at the airport if needed.

What is included in the package?

  • 1 Minivan for 24 hours
  • 1 Chardonnay Yacht
  • Barbecue Dinner
  • Alcohol Package (2 bottles of spirit, 2 bottles of wine, 30 beers, with ice, water and softs)
  • 5 Bikini Babes

What do we recommend as optional features?

  • Bikini DJ and Sound System
  • Sexy Waitresses
  • Accommodation

At what price?

The price is 8,650 THB/per person, based on a group of 10 people

What are the conditions?

There is no conditions, except the one that all our packages are 100% customizable!

In the case of the Stag Yacht Party Package, if you want to add more Girls on the yacht, or you want more alcohol, contact us with the details and we will make it happen!


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10AM: One Trip To Pattaya

The Minivan will be available to you throughout the entire time, which the entire day! The Minivan is the perfect way to travel very comfortably on the way to Pattaya.  It will bring you back to Bangkok after this wild Stag Yacht Party!

2PM: The Captain Salutes You

The yacht in question included in the package is called Chardonnay Yacht. Its length is 53 feet, and the type of the boat is Catamaran. The maximum capacity of the boat is 35 people, so you and your group will be very comfortable, which is perfect for a great yacht party!

Drink, Drink, Drink!

The alcohol package is composed of 2 bottles of spirit (rum, vodka, whisky, gin…), 2 bottles of wine and 30 cans of beers. The alcohol package provides ice, mineral water and soft drinks. Enough to very much enjoy this yacht party! Tip: the girls drink as well, so if you think it might not be enough, don’t hesitate to tell us!

Eat, Eat, Eat!

The barbecue is composed of chicken and veggies brochettes, and it is as much as you can eat!

Sexy And Just For You

A yacht party is not as fun as it could be without girls, especially for a stag party! For the entire trip on the calm and beautiful seas of Thailand, their only concern will be your well-being, and the fact that you are having the best time of your presence in Thailand!