Best Seller Pack

Best Seller Pack:

Meeting Place: Davis Hotel Bangkok, 2/4 Sukhumvit Rd, Bangkok, เลย 10110

300 Eur/ pers for a group of 10 people

This pack will immerse you into the Bangkok night life in total safety and making you feel like you are running Bangkok. The activities described below are some of the best places to party in Bangkok without having to empty your wallet. Even though you may be able to find these places on your own, you won’t be able to get as good of a value for your money at them, have the itinerary preplanned for you, or receive the VIP treatment at all of the destinations you get by booking through Bachelor Party Bangkok. Of course this pack can be customized with other activities of your choice.
Ocean Lounge Resort
You will start your trip by settling in at Ocean Lounge Resort Bangkok, being welcomed with a cocktail in your honor.
This amazing resort is conveniently located in the center of Bangkok’s nightlife area with all the facilities you might need for your Bachelor trip including: a lounge pool, tapas bar, spa, wine bar, Jacuzzis, and more… the whole in a unique and stylish modern design. You will stay at this hotel for a couple of nights, chilling, having dinner (not included), and warming-up before leaving for the party. Privatization of the hotel possible. This is Bangkok’s best party resort and they prove it by sponsoring pool parties every Saturday and Sunday!
We strongly recommend you start the night by having your warm up drink and dinner at the restaurant of Ocean Lounge Resort.

Personal Companion:
With Bachelor Bangkok you will have one of our sexy Tour Managers with you at all times, who will show you the ways to have a proper party without having to worry about all the hassles that go with it. Don’t let your party time in Bangkok slip away from taking care of little details that inevitably arise in Bangkok. We will have it all taken care of for you.
No need to worry about being scammed at clubs, having to deal with bouncers or fights, being hassled by police who like to exploit foreigners, or spending the night taking care of that one drunk friend who went over the edge way too early. This is what Bachelor BKK can do for you!
These girls speaks perfect English, are super fun to hang out with, are very good looking, and will be able to help you in any situation you might find yourself in. From exchanging money to paying the bills at the bars, our guides take care of everything…including helping you choose the right girl in the go-go bar. Trust me, it is good to have a trained eye help you make your choice because things aren’t always as they appear in Bangkok, if you know what I mean. 🙂 And since they are bilingual, they also make communicating with the Thais much easier which saves enormous amounts of time, money, and confusion. Plus, isn’t it nice just to have the presence of hot girls as you enjoy your stay here? It is crucial, in fact! Even if some of you know Bangkok very well, these girls have a real added value to your trip for a multitude of reasons. They will make sure you are having the best time and the wildest party ever.
And this is only a small part of what your Bachelor Bangkok Tour Manager can do for you!

Bachelor Party Bangkok Funky Minivan:
One of the best options for small groups is to travel in one of our Funky Lounge Bar VIP Minivans.
We transformed the original already well equipped minivan into a masterpiece lounge on wheels. With swiveling seats, a powerful sound system, disco lights, and all of the other little extras you need for your own mobile nightclub so your crew can keep the party going all along the way. Each customized VIP Minivan can holds up to 10 people.
The van will be available to you when from the time you arrive at the Ocean Lounge Resort and will be your means of transportation to all of the places included in your program. It will wait for you at each destination as long as you need, and will safely bring you home end of the night. The Minivan is the best transportation option that allows everyone to stay together all the times with added privacy, space, and comfort. Don’t worry about tricky taxi drivers that take you the long way just to run up fairs, misunderstand you and take you to the wrong place, or get you separated from your mates in a traffic jam. Besides, you can’t even drink or listen to the music you want in a taxi. With our Minivans, you don’t even realize you’ve left the club on the way to your next party destination. You don’t want to get stuck in those infamous Bangkok traffic jams without music and drinks to keep the party going.
And if anyone needs a break or gets sick in the middle of the night, he is welcome to chill in the van, have some water, and get ready for round 2!
Each customized VIP Minivan can holds up to 10 people. However, we advise you to split your group into 2 vans for groups with 8 people or more.

Survival Kit in Bangkok:
To make sure you have everything you need for your ultimate bachelor party experience, we have designed a special ‘’BKK Survival Kit’’ that is sure be very useful at some point of the night and might help you jump back into the big party spirit.
It comes with a ‘’Bachelor Party’’ T-shirt to make sure people around you know you are with the same group, which will add to the fun by attracting the attention of the eccentric street goers of Bangkok, keeping the laughs and smiles coming from girls nearby all night.

Situated in the heart of Bangkok, on the debaucherous Sukhumvit soi 11, LEVELS Club & Lounge hosts a world-class nightlife experience in an amazing audio-visual environment.
Frequented by business goers and internationals models alike, this club is currently one of the most fashionable in Bangkok. That being said, tables need to be booked at least 3 weeks ahead and 2 months ahead to get the very best spots!
With ‘’Bachelor Bangkok’’ you will have a lot of advantages at this Bangkok top spot as VIP clients. Your group won’t have to wait in lines, will receive up to 15,000 thb worth of complimentary alcohol and mixers, and will have access to the best VIP tables in the club that come with their own private waitress. All of this while having a front row view of one of the best stage shows in Bangkok.

BASH Upscale nightclub has become synonymous with Bangkok’s unique late night clubbing scene, a haven to the devoted music lovers and the city’s most glamorous. BASH caters to those late party goers, a luxuriously slick underground sub-culture combined with the highest quality dance music.

BASH’s unique interior boasts futuristic metallic chaise lounges, gothic wrought-iron fixtures, glittering chandeliers and industrial subterranean-esque bars which draw in night crawlers to Soi 11 from all corners of Bangkok.

BASH’s most notable successes come from supporting the most acclaimed International guest DJs plus pioneering the careers of the local DJ Superstars. BASH continues to provide the type of high-energy music which permeates the soul and inspires dancing until Bangkok’s smoky sunrises.
Beat the heat at Bangkok’s only indoor surfing complex complete with the Flowrider simulated wave surfing machine, a bar & restaurant, a plunge pool, and pool tables. They’ve got everything you need to have a day at the beach without having to spend hours in a car to get there because it conveniently located in the heart of Bangkok at an easy to reach downtown location!

Ideal fun for burning off those beers from the previous night to get ready for another night of fun for your bachelor party, this complex has everything you need for a day of fun in the sun for you and your mates, even if you just want to kick back and relax with a drink and watch the newbies fall on their rump all day. And if you are looking for a challenge, you are accommodated with thrills and spills on the FlowRider wave machine, a machine that provides the endless wave so it will push you to the limit. After working up an appetite, enjoy a few drinks and some food over a game of pool with your friends. All of the equipment free to use and qualified instructors are on-hand to help you every step of the way. So whether you’re an experienced surfer, wakeboarder, snowboarder, body boarder, or a total newbie, you are sure to spend hours having fun riding these urban waves.
Flow House Bangkok is long term partner with Bachelor Party Bangkok, and this is one of our most highly recommended daytime activities to blow off some steam between party adventures. You will get special treatment and surprises from the managers and dedicated team there!

This is the best place if you are looking for an intimate place to have crazy fun with your mates. In a small private room, sexy hostesses will perform private shows for your viewing pleasure, while you and your friends enjoy hanging out around the very bar where most of the ‘’Hangover II’’ go-go bar scenes were shot. Definitely one of the best options for a close group of mates who want some privacy and don’t like the huge clubs and crowds.
The owner is a French guy who will welcome you warmly and push you to have a crazy time there.
3 bottles of alcohol +soft drinks are included along with VIP seats for the super sexy shows.
Ask about our ladyboy pranks available for tricking unsuspecting victims at this location!

1st Day:
-7pm: Arrivals at the hotel, welcome cocktail and warm welcome by our Tour Manager
Activity: Unpacking  , welcome cocktail, meeting with our sexy tour manager, Distribution of the Bangkok Survival kits, Q&A about the schedule
Includes: 10 welcome cocktails, our tour manager, BKK Survival kits,

-8pm: Warm up and dinner at Ocean Lounge & resort, near the pool
Activity: Dinner, Warm up, Relax near the pool, etc

-10.30pm: Pick up at Ocean Lounge & resort by our Funky MiniVan
Activity: Drinking in the Van, getting ready to have an unforgettable night
Includes: Minivan transport, 1 bottle of alcohol + soft drinks

-11pm: Arrival at Levels Club where you will start your big party at the VIP Area and best table of the club
Activity: Live show on stage, Drinking, dancing and making ‘’new friends’’
Includes: 3 bottles of standard alcohol + soft drinks

-3am: Arrival at Bash after Party VIP Club at the best table of the VIP area
Activity: Drinking, dancing and making ‘’new friends’’
Includes: 3 bottles of alcohol + soft drinks

-6am: Back to the Hotel
Activity: Drinking, having fun with your ‘’new friends’’
Includes: 1 bottle of alcohol + soft drinks

2nd Day:

-4pm: Pick up by our Funky Van and direction the Flow House for Chilling, surfing and brunch
Activity: Surfing, Drinking, Brunching
Includes: Minivan for the whole day, Tour Manager for the whole day

-7pm: back to the hotel to get ready and warm up at Ocean Lounge and Resort
Activity: Spa, Warm up, Dinner

-10pm: Private room sexy party at Tony ‘’Magic Table’’
Activity: sexy and lesbian show, play around, Drinking, Dancing, special tour by ‘’Tony’’

-2am: back to the hotel for a private after party with your ‘’new friends’’