Miniature Golf With Sexy Caddy Party Guide

Attractive women, high energy, and golf!!
For an unforgettable golf experience with unparalleled service, Bachelor Party Bangkok has created a golf outing that has caddy girls as your personal hostesses and customized golf tee. They will help with golf course arrangements, call in food and beverage orders, keep score, as well as provide many other services to make your golf outing more exciting.
Experienced and professional caddies enjoy working with golfers from every play level and know about all aspects of the game. Combine that with the sexy looks and easy-going personalities and you have the makings of the perfect Bangkok golf outing.
While booking your day of fun in the sun, if you have specific needs and requirements of the talent you seek, tell us and we will provide the best possible caddies to fit all your needs.
Contact Us today to find out more about this sexy activity!