Karting Race

Do you and your friends sit around the T.V. on race day claiming to have the skills of Mario Andretti? Well, now is your chance to prove it and challenge your buddies to a Karting Grand Prix race.
The biggest indoors track in Asia with 7,000 sq.m. Here we have everything you need to climb into the shoes of your favorite racecar driver and decide once and for all, which of you are contenders and which are pretenders. Enjoy a welcome drink while you get ready for your warm-up laps, qualification laps, and final race. Will you be the one on the podium giving everyone champagne victory showers?
Track features include:
· 270 cc. (750 m.) for Adult and advanced drivers
· Panoramic bar overlooking the whole track
· Watch other sports events on our huge TV screens
· Pool table and foosball table with surround sound system
· Each driver will be timed by special computerized systems so you know who has the fastest times.
· Driving Safety system controller.
Special surprises await you for your very special day! Contact Us today to find out more about.