Bucks Stretch Limo Tour


Meeting Place: Celavi kudeta club, Sathorn Square Tower 39FL 98 Sathorn Square Building, North Sathorn Road Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500

3,500 THB per person (Price based on a 10 persons group)


 Limo 3H

 1 stripper

 1 party guide

 2 bottles of champagnes

 VIP clubbing

(payment on site)

Stretch Lincoln Limousine:

Our Lincoln limo is the most popular in the world with its luxurious facilities. With a modern interior

design, we have taken the ordinary and made it extraordinary.

Capacity up to 10 – 12guests.

Key points:

 2 bottles included

 Premium sound system

 Multi flat screen TVs

Levels VIP Club:

Situated in the heart of Bangkok, Sukhumvit area, LEVELS Club & Lounge hosts a world-class nightlife

experience in an amazing audio-visual environment. This club is currently one of the most

fashionable in Bangkok so the tables need to be booked at least 3 weeks ahead and sometimes 2

months ahead to get the very best spots!

Key points:

 No queue

 Alcohol included

 The best VIP tables

 Private waitress

Payment on site


For an intense lap dance at the location your choice, to spice things up your VIP transportation

(Disco bus, Limo), our professional strippers are Penthouse model. We have recruited the best girls

for you!

Sexy Party Guides:

With Bachelor Bangkok you will be at all times accompanied by our sexy Tour Manager.

Key points:

 Our party guides speak perfect English

 Professional entertainers

 Very good looking

 Will be able to help you in any situation (translation with locals, paying bills, helping you

choosing the right girl in the gogo bar…)