Bachelor Survival Kit

To make sure you have everything you need for your ultimate bachelor party experience, we have designed a special ‘’Bachelor Bangkok Survival Kit’’ that is sure be very useful at some point of the night and might help you jump back into the big party spirit.

A ‘’Bachelor Party’’ T-shirt can be added to this kit to make sure people around you know you are with the same group, which will add to the fun by attracting the attention of the eccentric street goers of Bangkok, keeping the laughs and smiles coming from all of the girls nearby all night.

Bangkok angels love to join parties of crazy Bachelor groups while having the time of their lives. With this in mind we’ve chosen the well-known ‘’Game Over’’ design for the front of the shirt. And in case you lose your way (very unlikely thanks to our great Tour Managers), we’ve provided a special blank section on the back of the shirt to write your hotel address and our contact info, in case you stumble off or get too drunk.

Contact us today for more information on this exciting feature!