Amazing Adventure

If the usual bus or walking tour does not interest you that much and you want to explore the local life and hidden areas of Bangkok then this tour is for you! The Amazing Adventure Bangkok is a unique experience, which will take you on an adventure to discover all the hidden treasures this awesome city has to offer.
Our trails combine cultural lifestyle challenges, interactive discovery of places such as temples, local markets, but also bizarre spots. This is an exciting, challenging, and above all fantastic fun way to discover Bangkok.
Enjoy interacting with locals and immerse yourself in the Thai culture like nowhere else before. Our guide is there to assist but don’t follow them, they will follow you! Use your creativity, competitiveness and sense of direction in order to fulfill thrilling tasks that will be given to your teams. Challenge your family, friends and colleagues and win the race while spending a memorable time in Bangkok.
Contact Us today to see how you can solve the riddles in order to win the hunt!