The venue of a party is important, because it sets the mood. If you have a good venue for your party, the people will not get bored or leave early. Bachelor parties are only hold ones in a long time, so it is important for the attendees to enjoy themselves and to remember the party. Bangkok has a lot of venues and it can be difficult to choose just one. It will also costs a lot of time if you want to visit them before booking. Bachelor party Bangkok is specialized in organizing bachelor parties and  has been doing it for years. we have a lot of contacts and we know the best venues in Bangkok.


Trendy bars

Hold your bachelor party in the most popular bars of Bangkok. if you choose to hold your party here you will not enter the bar as the other. Bachelor party Bangkok will get you the exclusive VIP excess. You can also choose for a party guide and party in a lot of trendy bars.


Rooftop Bars

These bars are very trendy in Bangkok, “what is the difference between a normal bar and a rooftop bar you may ask”. This bar is suited on the roof of very high buildings. Holding a party in a rooftop bar is very unique and beautiful. It is quit hard to find a good rooftop bar and to organize the party. Most rooftop bars in Bangkok have a lot of reservation, but Bachelor party Bangkok can make it passible for you.  Just tell us what kind of party u want and when, we will make sure to organize the best party for u an your friends.


Jacuzzi BBQ garden party

This party will take place in the center of Bangkok and this venue is for maximum 25 people. the garden is very spacious, you can play games with you friends and enjoy the BBQ . Bachelor party Bangkok has a lot of services that are included such as bikini babes, private waitresses and much more.


Check our website for more information about the venues.

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