ransportation is one of the most important things to think about, when you are having your party somewhere else than your hotel. Transportation is a big thing in Bangkok, because the city is known for the long traffic jams.


If you are having a party, it’s not only about the party but also a but how you arrive to the party. A bachelor party is all about having the best party for one last time. In order to have the best party ever you have to appear in the most amazing vehicle. Bachelor party Bangkok has a lot of luxurious vehicles to offer. For example a limo, stretch limo, minivan and party bus.


Appearing at your party in a limo is fancy and will attract everyone’s attention. Our vehicles are not only good for transportation but they can also be used to party. The vehicles have music, drinks and party decorations. Once you entre in our vehicles, you will think that you are in a club. Although all the vehicles are nice and fun, the question of today is “what is the best vehicle for a bachelor party?” We can give you an answer based on the preferences of our clients.


Limo & stretch limo

Our clients that choose for the limo are always surprise about the capacity and décor of the limo. We can provide a white or black limo an even a stretch limo, all these vehicles are filled with drinks and all you may need to get the party started.


Party bus & minivan

This vehicles are a good transportation to your party if you are going with a lot of people. The party bus and minivan are decorated with lights like a nightclub. Drinks and snacks are of course on board and anything else you would like to add.