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Whisky and Cigar Lounges In Bangkok

Anyone who has been to a whisky and cigar lounge knows that it is a classy lounge with a classy atmosphere. You can expect Bangkok to have some of the best quality whisky and cigar lounges in the world: and it does not fail to meet expectations. Here are our favorite list of whisky and cigar lounges in all of Bangkok. When making this list we had to consider a few things: location, cigar menu, whisky menu, and atmosphere.

Black Amber Social Club

When walking into the Black Amber Social Club the first thing you will notice is its décor. Everything feels very cozy and classy with its leather sofa, hand crafted wooden chairs and beautiful bottles of whisky decorating the bar. Black Amber has a very generous whisky and cigar menu to choose from as well. To top it off, Black Amber is known for their quality service. When in Bangkok, this should be the very first whisky and cigar lounge you should visit. Be careful though, it might set the bar way too high.


If you are reading this, I am assuming that you enjoy whisky and cigars. Do you also enjoy art? Live music? Duke is a unique addition to this list because it doubles as both a whisky and cigar lounge as well as an art gallery. It also occasionally features live bands. Sound exciting? Duke has a really laid-back atmosphere and is beautifully decorated. You will feel very class when sitting in their leather chairs, sipping on whisky, smoking a delicious cigar, and admiring the incredible artwork surrounding you. The only way to improve on this experience is to have a beautiful woman around your arm while sitting in this classy whisky and cigar lounge.

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Whisky and Cigar Lounges In Pattaya

Pattaya is the party capital of the world and has thousands of bars to visit. Unfortunately, it has a severe lack of whisky and cigar lounges to visit. However, I am happy to report that it does have a really high-quality lounge that is worth visiting.

Empire Club Pattaya

Walking into Empire is a real treat when you notice its dark but classy décor. It feels like everything was carefully placed with purpose. From the statues, the mesmerizing fake bonfires, and the cozy leather chairs and sofas. A lot of thought was put into it, and you notice it immediately. The Empire also has a walk-in humidor that keep the wine and cigars at the perfect temperature, so they do not go bad. You will also notice that the bar has an incredible selection of whisky to choose from, include imported.

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Whisky and Cigar Lounges In Phuket

Phuket may be smaller, but it still offers a large selection of quality lounges to enjoy your favorite whisky while smoking on a cigar you are having for the very first time.

Wisgars Tasting Room Phuket

Any whisky and cigar lounge enthusiasts who have lived in Thailand will recognize the name Whisgars. It is a classy lounge with live entertainment. However, the Whisgars in Phuket offers a different kind of experience. The Whisgars here is more for people who are looking to have a conversation with other enthusiast who know the joy that smoking cigars and drinking expensive whisky brings. It is a smaller venue but well worth the visit.

La Torcedora

La Torcedora is once again a smaller and cozier type of whisky and cigar lounge. It feels like you are over a friend’s house and are being showered with the finest selection of whisky and cigars that the world has to offer. With delicious cigars from Cuba, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, and Honduras it is definitely a large competitor to even lounges in Bangkok.

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Whisky and Cigar Lounges With A Party Guide

If you visit any of these whisky and cigar lounges and are disappointed or if none sound appealing at all, feel free to book one of our sexy party guides to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Our guides know all of the best locations around the city and will be more than happy to use her contacts in the city to help you feel like the VIP that you are.

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