VIP Yacht Party

VIP Yacht Party With Sexy Models

Throwing a VIP yacht party for any occasion can be one of the greatest experiences of your life. You are surrounded by the beautiful scenery, good music, and great friends. The only thing that is missing is being surrounded by beautiful women. Make any party sexier by booking our sexy bikini models or beautiful party girls. They are guaranteed to make it a night you and your friends will be talking about for a very long time. Have a great time watching your friend be tied up and given a lap dance and strip tease by two women at the same time. Make your dreams become a reality when you book our VIP yacht party.

Sexy Yacht Party In Pattaya

Pattaya is the absolute best place in Thailand to have a VIP yacht party. It is not only very beautiful, but it is also the least expensive to throw a boat party compared to Phuket and Bangkok. Pattaya is a major party city and so there are naturally beautiful women all over the city. However, don’t waste time walking around and inviting them hoping that they will show up to your VIP yacht party. Instead, book our sexy bikini models or beautiful party models to make it the party of the century.

Sexy Yacht Party In Phuket With Bikini Models

Phuket is a great place to party and has some of the highest rated beaches in Thailand. Being surrounded by beautiful beaches and the need to party is the perfect excuse to plan a VIP yacht party. Do not miss out on one of the greatest ways to party here in Thailand. Surround yourself and friends with beautiful women by booking our incredible selection of sexy bikini models. Grab your favorite model and go snorkeling with her, having the time of your life. Afterwards, share some laughs, dances, and drinks with her till the party ends. You will have a great time, however, be mindful that compared to Pattaya and Bangkok, a VIP yacht party in Phuket is more expensive.

A Bachelor Party On A Catamaran In Bangkok

Are you in charge of throwing a bachelor party for a friend? Make it easier and more fun for everyone when you plan your party in Bangkok on a catamaran. The maximum capacity of a catamaran depends on the boat but imagine you are on a catamaran that has a 35-person capacity and is 53 feet long. That is more than enough room to have a great party that you and your friends will always remember. 

Be advised, the rivers that the yachts travel on in Bangkok travel a close vicinity to temples along the river. Therefore, in Bangkok, we recommend not booking our sexy bikini models out of respect for the temples and the good people that visit them. Instead book our beautiful party girls who are appropriately dressed but still know how to be sexy with her clothes on and give you and your friends the entertainment that you deserve.

Best VIP Yacht Party In Thailand

Planning any kind of party can be a very stressful thing. Especially in a country where you do not speak the language. Make your life easier by letting us plan it for you. Throw a VIP yacht party on the beautiful beaches of Pattaya or plan a bachelor party in the party city of Bangkok. It has never been easier. We have the perfect yachts that vary in capacity from 8 to 60 people. 

That should cover any of your party needs and the best part is, it includes the crew necessary to run the yacht. Make the party even better by booking either our beautiful party girls or sexy bikini models. Planning a yacht party has never been easier. Go snorkeling, fishing, diving, or out on a banana boat with your favorite model and have some private time. Book with us and throw the VIP yacht party of your dreams.

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