Sushi / Dessert Girl (or Nyotaimori)

Naked Sushi or Dessert Girl

One of our best sellers! Nyotaimori, or also known as the practice of serving sashimi or sushi on the naked body of a woman.

Imagine sharing a sushi dinner with your friends only to find a beautiful girl lying underneath! Every bachelor’s fantasy dinner starts with delicious food served by beautiful women or on beautiful women. How will you pluck each delicious bite of sushi from our beautiful dish of desire? If sushi is not your thing, or if you just have a sweet tooth, prepare yourself for the best looking dessert you will ever see.

We can serve up a serving of carefully hand picked exotic fruit topped with whipped cream and melting chocolate to adore the body of your sexy guest. For two hours eat unlimited sushi or exotic fruit delivered directly to your hotel from our very own Bachelor Party Bangkok staff. Our sexy party guides will dress your plates for you and your friends to eat using chopsticks, or just your mouth.