Best Sports/Game Bars in Bangkok

These are the best sports bars in central Bangkok, and we have the perfect one just for you. Whether you want to watch the big game or have an exciting match with your buds we have the perfect place for you. With plenty of TVs and comfortable viewing spots, you’ll be able to watch the Olympics, Football or Rugby World Cup. Never miss a boxing, baseball, basketball, badminton or bobsleigh game/match/race again! If you want to take part in the action the sport bars are equipped with games for a more hands on activities. Such as pool, foosball, ping/beer pong, board games and much more! They all have a lively atmosphere, and great food.
Win, lose, or draw, these bars have thrills for every gamer in a modern and very lively atmosphere. What’s better than a bar that’s full of games? A bar that is full of games and beautiful women, we suggest you bring our sexy party girls for extra-added fun.
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