Sexy Maid Prank

Sexy Maid Prank For Bachelor Parties

There are beer cans everywhere, used condoms, a friend is still passed out on the floor, and there are even bras and panties on the floor. You know it was a good party when you wake up in the morning and the hotel room is a complete mess. Now, picture this, the groom wakes up and sits down on the couch, he had a great time and is completely hungover. 

Then there is a knock on the door. You head to the door and open it, and in walks a very sexy woman that is dressed in a maid outfit. She is a very sexy maid that you ordered for the groom, but he doesn’t know this yet. She walks around the room in a very skimpy maid outfit and starts cleaning. 

Picking up beer cans and dusting in various places. She stops in front of the groom and sexily bends over to continue cleaning. Little does he know he is about to be pranked. While the groom is distracted by her perfect ass, she quickly turns around and jumps on top of him. He thought the party ended last night; he is in for a wild ride.

sexy maid prank

A Sexy Exotic Show

Our sexy maid is a great addition to any party you are looking to throw, but it is absolutely perfect for the day after a bachelor party. The groom had a great time but will not suspect he is about to be pranked one last time. She isn’t only there to prank the groom though; she also doubles as a stripper. 

It is up to you to decide when to book this sexy maid prank, but we recommend doing it when there is less people around so he can enjoy the most erotic stripping he has ever experienced.

This is his final show before going to the airport and committing to marriage so it should be a stripping show that he will remember forever. The groom will be sure to thank you after having some fun with our sexy maid prank.


Best Sexy Maid Prank In Thailand

The best thing about a bachelor party is that the groom knows that he is there to have the best party of his life. However, the party has to end eventually, but he doesn’t have to know that. Our sexy maid is there to handcuff him to the chair, and she decides when the party will end. This is the type of prank that will definitely take him by surprise. He will definitely be surprised when a maid in a skimpy outfit enters the room and says she is there to clean. 

Book our sexy maid and she will give him one final send off before he is ready to commit to marriage. Our sexy maid prank is a great alternative to the lady boy prank if you do not think he will find ladyboys attractive. Either way you cannot go wrong with our sexy maid prank. You will enjoy the sexy entertainment she gives you and you will have fun pranking your buddy one last time before heading back home for marriage. 

When heading to the airport why not extend the party even more? Surprise him again by booking our party minivan and a few of our beautiful party girls and let him have the time of his life again. Our party minivan can pick up the bachelor and some buddies and they can have fun sipping on some champagne with a girl around their arms before the long flight back home. End the trip with a bang.

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