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Party Friendly Is Important

The only thing worse than a party ending is the cops ending the party for you. The location of a pool party is very important and often times overlooked when people plan a party. When you are in the mood for a pool party, the best way to do it is to book a pool villa, not book the pool itself. 

Booking a pool at a hotel or condo is a costly decision that might lead to trouble. If you are too noisy then the cops or guards will be called, and it might end up with you being fined, jailed, or even both. Lucky for you we specialize in party friendly pool villas and after 20 years of networking, we are able to supply you with the best party friendly pool villas in Thailand.

party friendly pool villas

Privacy For You And Your Guest

Privacy is important when it comes to any kind of party. No one wants nosy neighbors spying on a pool party you worked so hard to plan. When you book one of our party friendly pool villas you have the entire villa and pool to yourself and plenty of privacy to go along with it. Throw a great pool party and eat delicious BBQ while not having to deal with nosy neighbors and no cops being called because you are making too much noise while having the best pool party of your life.

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Pattaya Is The Best Place For Pool Parties

If you want the absolute best place to find party friendly pool villas, then Pattaya is what you have been searching for. Our party friendly pool villas are far enough from the street that you will never receive noise complaints, but also is within walking distance of the main streets so you do not have to take a taxi to get anywhere. The best part about booking one of our party friendly pool villas in Pattaya is that it is the least expensive compared to Phuket and Bangkok.

Pool Luxury Villas

Why Choose Pattaya Over Phuket:

Phuket can be a great place for a pool party, but compared to Pattaya, it has a few issues. The party friendly pool villas in Phuket that are within walking distance of the main streets are very expensive. The pool villas that are further away are less expensive, however, they are so far away that you have to be transported to get to the main streets. 

We recommend that you book a minivan instead of a taxi, they are simply too expensive when compared to minivans. Another comparison to Pattaya is that most partying in Phuket stops at 12pm, afterwards you might start to receive noise complaints depending on how close the party friendly pool villa is to the main streets.

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Why Choose Pattaya Over Bangkok:

Being the capital of Thailand comes with many perks, however, it also has its downsizes such as being too crowded and condensed. Bangkok does not work very well for party friendly pool villas for this reason. It is hard to have a party when there are so many people around you at any given time. 

No matter where you are, your party cannot proceed into all hours of the night, the cops are likely to be called on you after 10pm because of the noise. This makes party friendly pool villas in Bangkok very rare, very expensive and hard to find. For this reason, we do not recommend Bangkok for party villas and instead suggest you book party friendly pool villas in Pattaya.

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Best Party Friendly Pool Villas In Thailand

We cannot stress how important it is to book the right location when you are planning the perfect pool party. We recommend booking one of our party friendly pool villas in Pattaya because it is the least expensive when compared to Phuket and especially Bangkok. Our villas are able to accommodate 5 to 25 people, ensuring you have a perfect party, large or small. 

Booking a pool villa in Pattaya also ensures that you have the privacy that you and your guest deserve as well as being able to party all night long without neighbors calling the cops because the party is too loud. After you have booked the perfect pool villa in Pattaya, make sure to book one or more of our sexy bikini models to spice things up and make it the best pool party that you have ever experienced.

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