3 Best Reasons To Avoid Ping Pong Shows In Bangkok

What Is A Ping Pong Show?

If you have never heard of a Ping Pong Show before, you are in for a shock (or treat?). Picture a female on stage doing various tricks with her vagina. For instance, shooting ping pong balls out of her pussy, or popping balloons by shooting darts out, or even cutting wire with a razor that is attached to her pussy. Yes, a razor. When traveling across Thailand you will see the neon signs that say things such as “Ping Pong Show” or “Pussy Power” that are advertising a Ping Pong Show for a club. There are even men who will approach you and offer to take you to a show. That’s where things can get messy.
Ping Pong Show

Most Club Owners Will Scam You

Imagine yourself at the Patpong Night Market. You had a great time getting there on your rented scooter. Now you are walking around, meeting random people, and enjoying the delicious food that Bangkok has to offer you. Now, you are in the mood for some booze. The best thing about Bangkok is that it is packed with plenty of places to drink, such as go-go bars, clubs, and pubs. You have no idea which one you should go to. 

Then a Thai male approaches you and asked you if you want to see a Ping Pong Show. He tells you that there is no entrance fee and that drinks are only 100 baht ($2.50) per drink. It sounds too good to be true because it is in fact a scam. There are a lot of scams in Bangkok just like any other city, however, the Patpong Night Market is very infamous for scamming tourist out of thousands of baht. 

If you were to follow him to the club or pub that he is advertising, you would indeed have no entrance fee and there would (maybe) be a Ping Pong Show. However, just when you have had a few drinks and are ready to leave, this is where the scam comes in. You only expect to pay for 300 baht ($7.50) for the 3 drinks that you’ve drank, however, they hand you a bill of 5000 baht ($130). 

What going on? Well, you’ve been duped. That random guy who brought you to the club is paid to bring tourist just like you to the club to be scammed. You will try to explain what he told you, but the owner will deny even knowing the guy. To be clear about the bill, the drinks are way more expensive than the guy said, but what really makes it expensive is the so called “looking fee”. Apparently, they charge you thousands of baht for each show you were there for. This is how the scam usually goes for people; however, it does vary.

3 Best Reasons To Avoid Ping Pong Shows In Bangkok

They Are Expensive And Not Sexy

I have lived in Bangkok for about 4 years now. My first year here, my Thai girlfriend brought me to a Ping Pong Show and let me tell you something: its not at all sexy. I don’t exactly remember what I was expecting but it was a definite disappointment. First of all, most of the girls there are not beautiful at all. Many were either fat, old or I think some were even lady boys. 

The first girl that went on stage wasn’t at all attractive and she did the dart show. The staff picked random customers to inflate balloons and they’d set it on stage. The girl would then proceed to try to shoot darts out of her pussy and pop the balloon. While that sounds like it would be fun to watch, it wasn’t at all. One customer even almost got hit with one of the darts. 

I only stayed for that one show. I quickly finished my beer, grabbed my girl, and left. Lucky for us we managed to not go to a club that scammed us. However, the drinks were still expensive (250 baht or $6.70), so we still paid a pretty penny. To me it just wasn’t worth it, and it was the first and last time I will ever visit a Ping Pong Show. I can think of plenty of better ways to spend my money in Bangkok.

3 Best Reasons To Avoid Ping Pong Shows In Bangkok

There Are Better Ways To Have Fun In Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the most fun cities in the world. Its night life is filled with things to do. Unfortunately, that can be a bad thing. Let’s say that you went to a Ping Pong Show and were disappointed in what you saw or after reading this blog post you have no interest at all in seeing a Ping Pong Show. We understand how you feel. Maybe you want to enjoy quality cigars while drinking your favorite whisky or want to watch a live show while enjoying your beer. 

It can be near impossible knowing what places are worth going to, which is why we offer the services of our Sexy Party Guide. Our guides know all of the best areas to party in Bangkok (we also have guides in Pattaya as well as Phuket). She is the perfect guide to having fun in Bangkok no matter what you are looking for: go-go bars, whisky bars, pubs, sports bars, and even rooftop bars. She speaks English very well and can definitely translate for you. So, when looking to have the ultimate Bangkok nightlife experience, don’t take any chances and book our Sexy Party Guide for all of your party needs.

3 Best Reasons To Avoid Ping Pong Shows In Bangkok
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