Personal Bodyguards

Personal Bodyguards For A Night Out

When people consider booking a trip to Bangkok, they are most likely thinking about how much fun they will have while partying in one of the most fun cities in the world. One thing people don’t consider is their safety while drunk and partying in a foreign place. While Thailand is considered a level 1 destination according to The U.S. State Department’s Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC), it is not completely crime free. 

A lot of opportunistic crime such as pickpocketing is targeted towards drunk tourist. So, if you are in Bangkok with your buddies, you should consider hiring personal bodyguards. They are guaranteed to keep you safe and come with a number of perks. Our bodyguard’s network with the club bouncers all around Bangkok, and so if anything happens in the club, they are able to handle the situation because they more than likely know the bouncers there personally. 

So, if a fight is started between your entourage and someone else in the club, it doesn’t have to end with you and your friends being kicked out of the club or being charged with any fees. In any club most people are very drunk and of course this could lead to a confrontation. Don’t take any chances and hire our personal bodyguards for a fun night out.

Personal Security For Any Event

When throwing any kind of event or party you shouldn’t only worry about the venue it is thrown at, the food, and the beer. You should also consider security. Our personal bodyguards are perfect for any event that you are either attending or organizing. Personal bodyguards can be utilized to guard the perimeter, make sure only people who are invited can enter, as well as doing patrols and deescalating any potentially dangerous situations such as fights or arguments. 

If a VIP of your company is attending the party such as the CEO, they will be especially helpful in keeping things under control and making everything at your event or party feel safe. Our personal bodyguards are extremely professional and talented and have backgrounds in things such as the military or police. They are very well trained and ready to protect you at any party or venue that you attend or throw.

Best Personal Bodyguards In Thailand

Attending a bachelor party in Bangkok? Want to go to as many clubs as possible while enjoying good beer? You should consider booking our personal bodyguards. Even if you do not think you will run into any trouble while visiting Bangkok, better safe than sorry. At the least you will feel like a VIP and a badass while walking down the street with a personal entourage of professionally trained bodyguards walking behind you. 

You will be the center of attention anywhere that you go. This will at the very least attract the attention of beautiful women on the street and in Bangkok’s many clubs. If you run into any trouble such as pickpockets or people who want to start a fight, you won’t even have to lift a finger or say a word. Your personal bodyguards will be there for you to make sure you can just focus on having fun. 

Want to feel even more like a VIP? Consider booking our luxurious limo to travel around Bangkok in style. This is quite possibly the most VIP experience in Bangkok and we offer the best package. The only way to improve on it any more is by booking one of our sexy party guides to helpfully guide you around the many clubs and go-go bars in Bangkok. 

They know the best places to visit, giving you the ultimate VIP experience. Either way, booking our personal bodyguards will guarantee that you will not run into any trouble so that you can focus on which bar to go to next or which beautiful woman to take back to your hotel for even more fun.

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