Naughty Cake

Naughty Cake For A Bachelor Party

When people are planning a bachelor party, cake is probably the very last thing that they think of. After all who cares about cake when there are strippers showing off their huge tits as well as bottomless amounts of beer to drink? It may be an unusual thing to think of but, order one of our naughty cakes and we promise it will bring plenty of laughter (and more delicious food to eat). Our cakes are completely customized to your request. No matter what kind of cake you want, the theme, the shape, flavor: all customized to your liking. 

Whether you want a cake that is just a huge pair of tits, a woman with her legs spread wide open, a giant penis, two couples in bondage, or even a naked woman bending over, we have you completely covered and are ready to prepare your naughty cake. Imagine the look on everyone’s face when they see the cake and it is a huge pair of tits with the bachelor in-between both of them. It is guaranteed to bring a few laughs in the middle of the party. When booking a bachelor party, order a naughty cake as well to bring laughter to the party. After all everybody loves cake.


Naughty Cake For A Prank

Our cakes aren’t just great for bachelor parties, it is great for any kind of party or just as a prank. Are you responsible for ordering the cake for the birthday party? They requested a red velvet cake, but they never specified what it has to look like. Imagine blindfolding the birthday person and singing happy birthday as you bring out their birthday cake. The last thing that they would expect when they open their eyes is a cake in the shape of two people having sex. It’s definitely a creative way to start a birthday party and it will be sure to bring a huge number of laughs.

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Quality Naughty Cakes

When you order one of our cakes you are not only getting cake that is guaranteed to bring a few fun laughs to your party, you are getting a cake that is absolutely delicious and baked with lots of care. We have access to some of the best bakeries in Thailand and they are more than happy to bake your naughty cake using the best quality ingredients possible. 

So, after a few laughs, you will possibly experience one of the most delicious cakes you have ever eaten. When ordering our cake just let us know the size of the cake, the flavor, and if you want any extras on it such as more icing or even fruit. When you order one of our cakes you are getting a top quality cake that you will never forget.

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Best Naughty Cakes In Thailand

With the exception of a birthday party, when thinking of a party no one ever thinks of bringing a cake. Order one of our naughty cakes and you will be creating a funny and very unique experience for everyone that attends. When creating our naughty cakes, we put of a lot of creativity and detail into them to give you the best quality cakes possible. 

If you are planning to order one of our naughty cakes for a unique experience, consider also booking one of our little people. He can even surprise the bachelor by bringing in the cake. Our little people, are extremely funny, energetic and most of all, love to drink, laugh, and party. So, when thinking of ordering a cake from us, just give us an idea of what you want, and we will make it come to life.

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