Miniature Golf

Great For Bachelor Parties

Everyone knows that Bangkok is the perfect place for bachelor parties. Everything is much cheaper than back home, and it is a definite party city of the world. However, no one really thinks about what should happen after a bachelor party. They think about the taxi ride to the airport and the plane back home.

Bangkok is one of the most famous cities in the world and has a lot to offer you. You should take advantage of being surrounded by your friends and create even more great memories. There are a lot of ways to do this, but one task in particular we recommend is miniature golf. It is a perfect way to challenge yourself and maybe even create a bit of competition between your group of friends. 

Put the bachelor on one team and the best man on the other and recruit who you want on your team and then compete. May the best man win. Keep in mind that miniature golf is harder than it looks, and that is perfect for any competition. We have over 20 years of experience planning bachelor parties and know which venues are the absolute best for whatever you are looking for and we can assure you that this particular venue is exactly what you are looking for. 

When booking our miniature golf activity, we will provide you with everything you need including golf clubs for everyone as well as free golf balls. This is a perfect experience for everyone and even accommodate women, children, and left or right handers. This could be the experience of a lifetime and should not be overlooked when visiting Bangkok.

Miniature Golf With A Sexy Caddy

Have you ever been golfing and wished that you had your own personal caddy that was extremely sexy? We have as well and that is why we offer a Sexy Caddy with our miniature golf to enhance and sexy up your golfing experience. She will be there to take care of you in many ways and will definitely make your miniature golf experience so much better. Our Sexy Caddies are not only there to be sexy, but they also fulfill all of the requirements of a traditional caddy. 

Our Sexy Caddies are very knowledgeable about golf and miniature golf and love to watch people play. They will be there for various advice on what club to use, have plenty of golf balls available for your use, and know which clubs are which so when you request a particular club, she knows which one you need. She is there to make miniature golfing feel sexy and definitely plays the part for a very unique experience.

Best Miniature Golf In Bangkok

If you are very curious about golf and want to see what it’s like, then contact us and we can set you up with a very great experience. Mini golf is a very fun experience that should not be overlooked. It is a very fun game between friends and a great way to decide who is the best. When thinking about miniature golf, picture yourself with your own Sexy Caddy. Our caddies are very beautiful and resemble models. The difference is that they love golf and everything that comes with it. 

They make the perfect companion who will make golfing very sexy. If you do not want one of our sexy caddies then its ok, they are there to enhance an already great experience, but they are not needed to have fun. When booking our miniature golf, we take care of everything, all you need to bring is yourself. When in Bangkok don’t miss this very fun opportunity to have the time of your life with great friends.

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