Ladyboy Prank

Ladyboy Prank For A Bachelor Party

Let’s be honest, strippers are the most important part of a bachelor party. No man wants to go to a bachelor party without any because it would be no fun at all. Not for the attendees and definitely not the bachelor. When booking our sexy strippers why not also pull a ladyboy prank? What is a ladyboy prank? Picture the bachelor in the middle of the room blindfolded and getting a sexy lap dance from one or more of our strippers. All of his buddies look jealous as our strippers take their huge tits and motorboat his face while another is taking her perfect ass and grinding it against him. 

It is a very sexy show, and he is having the best time of his life. This is where the ladyboy prank comes in. Little does he know that a ladyboy has just entered the room. She then proceeds to take over the sexy show completely and he has no idea. When we do our ladyboy prank, we take it very seriously. We do not want the bachelor to suspect anything. So, we take precautions and make sure that our ladyboy has the same proportions as the other strippers, same height, same hair and even the same smell. 

He doesn’t suspect a thing. He’s in heaven between those huge tits and he is really getting into it. He starts sliding his hands along her perfect body and it’s a good thing because our ladyboys love to be touched. His hand finally reaches between her legs and to his surprise, there is a huge cock. Every ladyboy prank feels different, but it always ends in one way, with everyone laughing. He never suspected a thing, and this will always make for a great time and a funny story.

Ladyboy Prank

Best Ladyboy Prank In Thailand

Bachelor parties are extremely important in any man’s life and should be treated that way. Let’s say that you have booked one of our pool villas or maybe even planned the bachelor party on a yacht in Pattaya with a number of our sexy bikini models to add to the fun. You also booked some of our delicious BBQ made only with the freshest meat, seafood, and local vegetables. The bachelor is guaranteed to have an amazing time but, there is always room for improvement. 

When you book our ladyboy prank you are not just booking a prank, but also a very hilarious memory that will be told over and over. It is guaranteed to be a great memory that will never get old and always generate laughter. If he is up to it, it could even be a great video that can be shown off to friends. However, be sure to keep in mind that our ladyboy prank is not for everyone. We understand that ladyboys are not for every bachelor that walks through the door and that’s ok. 

If you don’t think the bachelor will react well to being bait and switched by our ladyboys then don’t take the chance of booking this prank. Doing something like that will just generate a negative reaction and it will probably ruin the atmosphere of the bachelor party that you’ve worked so hard to plan. Instead, we also offer our sexy maid prank. Picture a very sexy maid entering the room. 

She is wearing a very skimpy maid outfit and starts doing a bit of light cleaning. She is bending over and showing off the best parts of her body. Little does he know he’s about to get pranked. Get ready to laugh. Do not miss out on the chance to improve your party even more by booking our ladyboy prank.

Ladyboy Prank
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