Jacuzzi BBQ Garden Party

Jacuzzi BBQ Garden Party With Bikini Models

Looking for something to do this afternoon? How about you get a few of your good friends today and throw a jacuzzi BBQ garden party? Our party house has a maximum of 25 people and so its more than enough to plan a great party. Imagine being in a secret area of Bangkok that is surrounded by beautiful green trees and nature. Throw in a jacuzzi and some great BBQ and you will have a tremendous party. 

Want to make it even better? Why not book a few of our sexy bikini models to make the party even more fun? Our bikini models are the sexiest in Thailand and they cannot wait to meet with you in the jacuzzi. Our models are sexy, fun, have great bodies and are very flirty. When booking our jacuzzi BBQ garden party, book our sexy bikini models as well and enhance any party. Come get wet with the most beautiful women in Thailand.

Jacuzzi BBQ Garden Party With Games

When planning a jacuzzi BBQ garden party it is always a good idea to have some games available for the people who just want to relax and take a break from the jacuzzi. That is why along with the jacuzzi and BBQ we also include a number of games to play, such as Ping Pong, Foosball, darts, game consoles and Pétanque. That provides plenty of ways for your guest to entertain themselves while you enjoy some privacy in the jacuzzi with our sexy bikini models.

Jacuzzi BBQ Garden Party With Great BBQ

We all know that a party is not complete without food and alcohol. When booking our jacuzzi BBQ garden party, we provide unlimited refreshments and drinks for 4 full hours. Our BBQ is absolutely delicious and guaranteed to be some of the best that you’ve had in Bangkok so far. When making our BBQ we only use the best cuts of meat, fresh seafood, and fresh local vegetables to provide you with BBQ of the highest quality. 

The best part is you don’t even have to serve yourself; our wait staff is more than happy to take care of you while you drink and have fun. Want to make the party even more unique? Consider booking our Nyotaimori, or body sushi girl. Our chef prepares the fresh sushi, and it is carefully placed on a very beautiful model who is laying naked on a table. It is only offered in a handful of countries, that makes it a very rare experience that should be taken advantage of. 

Imagine the look on everyone’s faces when they are expecting delicious sushi and BBQ, arrive at the party and there is not only sushi, but a girl laying naked on the table covered in fresh sushi. That would be the last thing that they expect and is guaranteed to spice up your jacuzzi BBQ garden party.

Best Jacuzzi BBQ Garden Party In Bangkok

Throwing a party doesn’t have to be complicated. Book our jacuzzi BBQ garden party and let us do everything for you. All you have to bring are great friends to party with and girls to flirt with. If you are new to Bangkok and have not met many girls yet, then consider booking our sexy bikini models to party and have fun with. 

They all are very beautiful and have amazing bodies that look sexy in bikinis. We also provide you with the highest quality of BBQ with ingredients that are fresh from local markets. Don’t worry about alcohol either, we have you covered in that regard as well. Just worry about having fun in our jacuzzi in this private beautiful area in Phrom Phong.

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