Fetish Private Room

Are whips and chains more your speed? Fancy a good spank after indulging in some sort of naughty mischief? Or are you just curious for your first time glance at the darker side of sensuality, then our Fetish Club is the dungeon for you.

Serious about their lifestyle and comfortable in their roles, these women treat their clients to the most authentic BDSM experience available in SE Asia. Armed with endless weapons of fantasy, Dominates will train their submissives to relish in the pleasure that comes from pain and take them to a higher level of erotic pleasure than they have ever felt before. All right before your very eyes.

Have a special request you would like to have set up upon your arrival? No problem, just let us know, and we will make all of the arrangements with our club.

Have the groom tied up by one of dominates and then blindfolded for a session of the most sensuous erotic pain of his life. Make it even funnier by having our dominate lady switch out with a comparably built ladyboy and let the unsuspecting victim know what the true meaning of “surprise” really is!!!

This is an experience you will remember all your life, guaranteed!

Contact us today for this once in a lifetime night time experience!.