Disco Bus

Disco Bus For A Bachelor Party

Every bachelor party should be a unique experience. How many bachelor parties have you been to that were on a disco bus? I’m guessing zero. Our disco bus is a very unique experience that is guaranteed to be the most talked about bachelor party among your friends. 

Our party bus comes packed with everything you will need including, 8 televisions, a special VIP area, high-end speakers, VIP leather seats, LED lights and lasers, a mini bar to store your booze, two pole dancing bars, and even a bathroom with a sink. This disco bus is perfect for any bachelor party and has all of your needs. Do not miss this opportunity to make it the most unique bachelor party among your peers.

Party Bus Transport

Our disco bus is not only great for bachelor parties, but its also a great way to get transported in general. Bangkok and Pattaya are great places to party, but when moving from club to club, sometimes you are forced to sit in a boring taxi. No one wants to sober up while sitting in a taxi after you’ve paid so much for drinks. The party does not have to stop at all. Book our bus and you have access to a mini bar so you can keep the party going between clubs. 

Our bus has a 30-person capacity so if you meet a group of girls that want to tag along then there is plenty room for them to dance and party with you. Just imagine starting the night out partying at bars in Soi Cowboy and end the night in Pattaya doing a shot off of a girl’s tits. The night is young, and the party never stops once you book our disco bus for all of your transportation needs.

Airport Transport Disco Bus

Imagine arriving in Bangkok and Pattaya for a bachelor party. What typically happens is you get your luggage, stand in line for a taxi for 20 minutes, hope that the driver speaks English and hope that he actually brings you to the correct hotel. Not to mention you have to deal with the annoyance of taking multiple taxis and being split up from your buddies. 

Book our disco bus for an airport pickup and you can skip all of that and get the party started early. Touch down in Bangkok and our bus will be waiting for you and your friends. Book our strippers to provide sexy entertainment using the two stripper poles installed on our bus. You also have access to a minibar so you can enjoy a drink while watching our sexy models tease you with their perfect bodies. Get picked up in style and avoid the stress of airport transportation to your hotel.

Best Disco Bus In Thailand

When people imagine a party, they probably picture themselves in a hotel, apartment, or someone else’s home. Our disco bus provides you with a very unique opportunity to throw a party that most people have never even imagined. This is the perfect party bus and has everything you need for a sexy party including, high-end speakers, two stripper poles, 8 LED TVs, lasers, luxury leather seats and a VIP area. 

Our party bus seats up to 30 people so its perfect for any party you want to throw, including bachelor parties. Fill the bus easier and make it even sexier when you book our Thai party girls to party along side you. These are the sexiest models in all of Thailand and they are waiting to laugh, drink, dance, and party with you, so do not miss this sexy opportunity.

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