Important Differences Between A Strip Club And Go-Go Bar

There Is No Center Stage

When walking into a strip club, every man expects there to be a “center” stage. Usually there is one stripper entertaining everyone in the club with her routine or strip show. She is the center of attention until the is over. If she is any good, men are flinging dollar bills at her as she is putting on her sexy show. After the music ends, she collects her money and then another girl goes on stage to do the same thing. Go-Go bars offer an entirely different experience than this. 

When walking into a Go-Go bar you will notice multiple stages (bars vary in design of course) and girls entertaining the entire bar. The key difference is that these performers are there for everyone and none of them are the center of attention. You will also notice that there are a number of beautiful women that are walking around and entertaining all of the guest. There are called Go-Go dancers and of course they are the center feature of any Go-Go bar.

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Dancers Do Not Get Fully Nude

When you are visiting a strip club everyone knows why you are there: to see a beautiful woman get fully naked and put on an exotic show. While it is possible to see this at a Go-Go bar, it is a definitely rarity. Girls are usually either fully clothed or topless. This is the standard in most bars. 

Strip clubs are illegal in some countries like the Philippines and China, and this is a sort of workaround to operate without violating public decency. That made it a cultural thing so expect most adult entertainment bars to operate this way. I know that this is a pretty huge difference, but I promise that Go-Go bars have plenty to offer you and you will still have the time of your life.


Take The Dancers Home

This is perhaps the biggest difference between a strip club and Go-Go bar. When entering a bar, you will find yourself surrounded by some of the most beautiful women in Thailand. You will be seated at a table, and you will start to be visited by girl after girl. If you don’t like the way she looks, politely dismiss her and for sure another girl will notice you are alone and ask to join you. If you like a particular girl, don’t be afraid to call her over. This is a great time to get to know her. 

Dancers are usually flirty and touchy, just beware that you have to buy her drinks for her to stay at your table. She gets paid for each drink so if you stop buying, she will more than likely leave unless she likes you a lot. Once you decide that this is the girl you like, you can take her home. You pay the bar fee and then can proceed to negotiate with the girl on what services you want and for how long. Strip clubs definitely do not have this option (usually) and that is what makes Go-Go bars so much more fun and sexier.

Important Differences Between A Strip Club and Go-Go Bar

Book Our Sexy Party Guide

We understand that not everyone is very adventurous and not willing to just walk into an adult entertainment bar and negotiate with a girl. Afterall this can be a very intimidating experience when new to Thailand and only used to strip clubs. Some dancers can be a bit aggressive and that can be off putting for some men. That is why we recommend that you book our sexy party guide. 

She is a nightlife expert that is basically there to be your wingman. When entering any bar, she is able to translate for you if the dancer does not speak English, she knows all of the best bars to go to, and best of all, she can even negotiate a great price for you to bring the girl home. Our party guides are the ultimate sidekick and is perfect for anyone who is a little more introverted or just want an expert to Thailand’s nightlife.

Important Differences Between A Strip Club and Go-Go Bar
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