Which City For The Best Yacht Party?
Bangkok vs Pattaya vs Phuket

Thailand Is The Perfect Place To Throw A Yacht Party

When people think of a yacht party, their first thought is most likely that these types of parties are only for the wealthy. They couldn’t be further from the truth. We provide all types of services, including very affordable yachts for rent for a river party or even bachelor parties. Our fees also include the crew to run the ship. 

All you have to worry about is planning the party itself, which by the way, we can also take care of for you. So, if you are now thinking about throwing a yacht party you are probably thinking…. where? We provide services in Pattaya, Phuket and Bangkok. Which city provides you with an opportunity to throw the best yacht party? Here is our list from worse to best.

Phuket Is A Great Place For A Yacht Party

Phuket is an incredibly beautiful place. It has some of the highest rated beaches in the world and it is the perfect place to plan a tour of the incredible culture Thailand has to offer. It is definitely marketed as the “best” tourist spot in Thailand, while that is debatable there is one drawback, it is very expensive. With that being said, a yacht party in Phuket is still very doable. 

Imagine yourself on a yacht with friends and our sexy bikini models watching the sun set. Sip on delicious champagne while having a girl on each arm. It is definitely possible to have the time of your life in Phuket and have some amazing parties. Unfortunately, Phuket makes number 3 on our list of the best city in Thailand to throw the best yacht party; it is simply the most expensive one.

Imagine Throwing A Bachelor Party On A Yacht In Bangkok

Imagine a scenario where you are the best man, and you are charged with throwing the bachelor party. Any guy knows that this is a pretty huge responsibility. You are tasked with throwing the best party the bachelor could ever imagine. Then you have a great idea, why not throw the party on a yacht? That would be sure to impress your friends. Maybe the first place you think of to throw the perfect party is Bangkok. Well, we are glad to say…. you are partially correct. 

Bangkok is one incredible city, and you have the potential to throw the best yacht party with some incredible strippers and a great DJ. Naked girls and lots of booze can make any party great. Well, that’s where the problem comes in. Bangkok is a city that is filled with lots of temples. A lot of these temples were built along the river. So out of respect for those temples we recommend not throwing that type of party. 

A boat sailing next to a temple where families are visiting and taking pictures is not a good look for you if your yacht is covered in naked women. Of course, you also have the option to book our beautiful party girls instead of sexy bikini models or strippers, but what kind of bachelor party doesn’t have naked women? This is why Bangkok comes in at number 2 on our list of the best city In Thailand to throw the best yacht party.

Have The Best Yacht Party In Pattaya

If you have never lived in Thailand, then you are probably surprised that Pattaya comes in at number 1 as the  city in Thailand to throw your best yacht party. You probably expected Bangkok to be number one. We are very happy to report that Pattaya is not only the cheapest place to have a yacht party, but the best place to have any kind of party in general. The money you will save while renting a yacht in Pattaya compared to Phuket would surprise you. 

Another upside is that our sexy bikini models and beautiful party girls are cheaper compared to Phuket and Bangkok. Pattaya is the ultimate party city and has plenty of areas to throw the ultimate yacht party. After renting one of our amazing yachts you should booking one of our pool villas and moving the party over there. The pool there is private and are party friendly, which means you can party all through the night with no one interrupting all of the sexy fun you could have.

Why You Should Book Our Sexy Bikini Models For Your Yacht Party

When throwing a yacht party, the location is a very important thing to consider. Now that you know that Pattaya is the best place to throw a yacht party you should consider booking our sexy bikini models to enhance your yacht party. Our bikini models are the sexiest in Thailand and are guaranteed to spice up any party. Our girls love to drink, dance, laugh and flirt and will make your party so much better. 

Go snorkeling with our bikini models and then why not have them go topless and do a dance for you? Things like this don’t have to be the stuff of your imagination, we make it all possible. So, when planning a yacht party, book a handful of our sexy bikini models to make anything possible. You won’t regret it.

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