Thai Boxing

Why is Thai boxing initiation a go-to add-on for your
bachelor party? –
Will you dare to come to Thailand without challenging
your friends at this famous Thai sport, which is Thai boxing? Thai Boxing
initiation is usually a great add-on for your bachelor party daytime activities
in Bangkok or in Pattaya. We have been organizing bachelor parties for the last
fifteen years, with a 100% customer satisfaction rate.

Thai boxing is great for fitness purposes – Firstly,
initiating boxing for a bachelor party is a really good idea for fitness
purposes. Boxing has many benefits for health and fitness purposes. We
encourage you to participate in boxing. It helps improve heart health and the
composition of the body, helps to boost strength, and it also helps in lowering
blood pressure and weight loss. Boxing helps to develop functional and
aesthetic skills. Boxing is not only a workout for the arms but also for the
entire body. Hip and trunk rotation is very important for generating speed.
Boxing also helps to improve bone mineral density. Hand and arm exercises help
to stimulate bone strengthening. Through this, the negative effects on the
bones can be minimized

How to Find the Best Thai Boxing Instructor –Secondly,
we offer a Thai boxing initiation coach at the bachelor’s party. This will be a
daytime add-on for the bachelor’s party. We have the best coaches and trainers
for Thai boxing initiation in Bangkok. Our professional trainer won a multitude
of prestigious medals in the boxing championship in Thailand. The trainer also
has more than twenty years of experience training enthusiastic young boxers. In
collaboration with our skilled trainers, we design a fun and engaging Thai
boxing training program focusing on providing fun and an unforgettable

Best Muay Thai boxing clubs in Bangkok, Pattaya, and
Phuket –
Moreover, we partnered up with the best spots to do Muay Thai
boxing in Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket. Our professional trainers are always
here to give support and training on all aspects of health and fitness
standards, always with a touch of fun. A professional trainer will be able to
guide and demonstrate the correct body posture and technique required for
boxing, so you will be able to kick your friends’ asses. we offer the best
clubs to do Muay Thai boxing in Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket.

: Are you ready to face and accept challenges with sexy girls
Finally in the overarching view, initiating boxing at a bachelor party can
really be the highlight of your daytime activities. Besides the best Muay Thai
venue and trainers, we offer our client to fight directly with different
opponents to add a fun touch to the bachelor Thai boxing training:

Join our chill session, for a playful training
with our beautiful sexy Thai models to join the training

Opt for the harsh version and dare to challenge
our female Thai boxing champions

Get a sexy referee for your sparing between guys

Or finally, have you ever fought with

We have especially girl’s referees for the boxing match. It
will be super exciting to watch and participate in the matches, especially the
best girls in bikinis! It’s hard to accept the challenge and participate in
boxing matches at the bachelor’s party when you are drunk. HAHA!!! I know it
will be a hell of a lot of funs there.


We also offer video message services, where for example, we
can have our mystique midget challenging your groom for a legendary Thai boxing

Two of Thailand’s most famous attributes come together to create a completely new form of entertainment. If you like going to the fights, and you like beautiful women, why not combine them to make it twice the fun?

So are you ready to face and accept challenges? 

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