Costume Rental

Costume Rental For A Bachelor Party

There are very unique ways to plan a bachelor party that no one really thinks about. Mostly people just think of the strippers and lots of alcohol. While there is nothing wrong with that, we can think of more creative ways to throw a bachelor party that will stand out for your bachelor party stories. For example, why not throw a bachelor party that has a costume theme to it? Our costume rental service has a wide selection of costumes to choose from, so you will not be disappointed. 

Maybe you want to throw a fetish themed party, and everyone shows up in dark BDSM clothing or even a superhero themed party where everyone is dressed as their favorite superhero. When choosing an option such as this it is best to make it the best possible party ever, so along side our sexy strippers, you should book some of our beautiful party girls. The best part about booking them for this type of party is that they are prepared to dress up in costumes as well. They will also choose their selected costume from our costume rental catalogue so you will know that they will be arriving in costumes of high quality, the same as yours.

Costume Rental For Halloween Night Life

Arriving in Bangkok during Halloween and want to do something unique and fun with your friends? We recommend renting costumes from our costume rental catalog and going into the night life in a fun way. Celebrate Halloween by having you and your buddies dress up as their favorite superheroes and experience the Bangkok night life in a way most people have never even thought of. 

A night out with friends is great, but a night out with superhero friends is even better. In situations such as this you will probably have trouble getting into certain clubs because of their dress code, so please keep this in mind when choosing from our costume rental catalogue. A clever way to get around this is booking our sexy party guides. They know Bangkok like the back of their hands and know all of the clubs and go-go bars that have no trouble letting you in dressed as Captain America. 

Her value doesn’t just stop there, if you find yourself into a situation where you want to talk to a group of girls but can’t work up the courage or don’t know the language, that’s nothing to worry about. Our sexy party guides have no problem walking up to those girls and trying to get them to come over. While you are in go-go bars, she can even negotiate for you. Sound too good to be true? Its not and if you book her for a night of Halloween fun, she will help you take the girl of your dreams home so that you can eat something sweet.

Best Costume Rental In Bangkok

If you are throwing a party and need costumes, we have you covered. Our costume rental service is the best in Thailand if you need any costume. Whether it’s a bachelor party or just a personal one, or if you want to celebrate Halloween, we have the costumes you need. Let us know ahead of time what kind of party you are throwing and what theme you are using, and we will take care of everything for you. Just keep in mind that this is Thailand, it can be very hot and very humid, even during the night time. 

So when choosing a costume from our costume rental catalog, please keep that in mind. If you want to have even more fun, considering booking one or more of our little people to join you. They will choose from our costume rental catalogue as well and will arrive in a high quality costume. Go out into the night and let our little person dressed as Batman pretend to protect you.

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