Top 5 best bachelor party locations in Asia in 2017

Where are the best place in Asia to throw Bachelor party of your dream?
Well first thing first forget about Las Vegas, the new hype is in Asia now! Indeed, if you are looking for a Bachelor party destination, don’t search anymore Asia is made for you!
This is where you can have the craziest experiences at the cheapest prices! And all of this alway with the amazing landscape of Asia !
But the question remain where in Asia can you do that? Well, here’s our Top 5 best bachelor party locations in Asia in 2017 !

1) Bangkok, Thailand: The mother of nightlife destinations in Asia. Bangkok is not for the faint-hearted. The city is famous for being more mischievous than the lot. Over a dozen movies have been made on how people go crazy in Bangkok and have the most surreal and crazy night of their lives. 

Just the name of Bangkok is enough to get people excited for a bachelor party. Yet, don’t waste all your time in go-go bars, Bangkok has a lot to offer! It can be useful to have someone to guide you to the right places. So if you are thinking about going to Bangkok for your Bachelor party, think no further: Bangkok is the ideal place, one of the best bachelor party locations.

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Top 5 best bachelor party locations in Asia in 2017
2) Phuket, Thailand: Phuket is not a bachelor party destination to underestimate! Indeed, this city is getting more and more known for its crazy nightlife and its cheap prices! Phuket is very convenient for a stag party because a lot of activities are available such as walking down the famous Bangla Road (go-go bars), partying in nightclub or near the beach, and if you really want the best, we recommend you to organize a Yatch party or a private villa pool party with DJ, girls and nice food and boose!

3) Macau: Macau, it’s the new Last Vegas,it’s the best reference in term of Bachelor party when you’re based in Hong Kong. Nearly all expat stag parties for Hong Kong based expats are held on the island of dreams. Macau is about luxury accommodation, exquisite food and gambling in Casinos: basically the crazy life you always saw on movies will be yours in Macau ! And of course, you can push the party harder with luxury nightclubs, non-stop drinks and girls!

4) Seminyak, Bali: If you can afford a few extra bucks and really want to pamper the groom then Seminyak (North from Legian and Kuta) is the best bachelor party destina-tion for you. This place is very popular with resident expatriate and tourists and so the prices are amongst the highest in Bali. But the quality is worth it! You will enjoy the Luxury hotels and spas and of course the place is an amazing spot to party! Ku Dé Ta, which is a bar/restaurant with a cult following based on its beach side/semi-resort at-mosphere that has earned it the title of number one party spot in various magazines, and Oberoi, which is an expensive hotel with a worldwide reputation.

5) Ho-Chi-Minh City, Vietnam: An idealistic place for cheap boozes and a tantalizing party atmosphere is perched in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The narrower you are to the neon-lit street the more vivacious is the party! Drink and dance to the tunes of ear-smashing music with lovely girls by your side. Thus, Ho-Chi-Minh City is much more about bagpacking and getting crazy than fancy accommodations and nightclubs (alt-hough you can always find). So be prepared for an experience full of surprises!

Hope you enjoy this Top and find it useful ! You’re welcome to leave a review if you have any question or remark on our best bachelor party locations guide! 

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