10 reasons why Bangkok is the best choice

Every groom-to-be deserves a bachelor party so celebrate their last night of singlehood with all his friends. And we can give you our word, that nobody should forget their night, or better nobody wishes to forget! If you want even more than in “The Hangover“ and want to test your limits – with Bangkok´s exclusive sky bars, exotic girls, and private pool parties, Bangkok gives you all. Once Todd Philips said “Bangkok, like Las Vegas, sounds like a place where you make bad decisions.” – your unforgettable long-life memory after your bachelor party 😉You’re still asking yourself why to choose Bangkok?Bangkok has beaten London to be crowned the world’s most popular travel destination in 2016. It`s also known as the city of angels, topped the 2016 listing of 132 cities including London, Dubai, and Paris in the MasterCard Index of Global Destination Cities. Not convincing enough? Wait until you see the nightlife in Bangkok!Thailand’s capital city is truly two-faced: after sun waves, Bangkok gets its second breath. The nightlife in Bangkok has expanded drastically over the years, starting from the party scene at Kao San Road, to the more laid back Soi Rambuttri or Thonglor seems to have the fancy new bars and clubs. From sky-high cocktails with an incredible view to basement clubbing or even ladyboy theatrical shows, the nightlife in Bangkok is as varied as it is unique and memorable.Even though the nightlife in Bangkok is unique itself, the top up on it are Bangkok´s famous Ping Pong shows, which you can find nowhere else! It is a local attraction at the Patpong market in Silom and is an exceptional different version of female strippers. This redlight district is the place to be when it comes to ping pong shows, lesbian shows, and many more.You’ll find men that will approach you by making “popping” noises with their mouth, followed by the standard sentence “You want Pingpong?”. They’re also at the Kao San Road, but from there you’ll be only driven to the Patpong market in a TukTuk for a high price, therefore we recommend you to use a metered taxi to go over there and enjoy a show you have never seen before, we promise!Especially when your budget is not endless, in Bangkok, you can get the most for your budget! Accommodation prices for a high-end hotel are still incredibly reasonable compared to Tokyo, Hongkong or Singapore. Further, Bangkok is up to 40% cheaper than Las Vegas regarding living expenses, nightlife, shopping, and transportation. And you have the beautiful beach around the corner!This leads us to the next point, instead of hanging around noisy bars, take off on a yacht! Pattaya is only one hour away from Bangkok and allows you to breathe a little on the fascinating beach and enjoy your own private bachelor party with all your friends and hot girls around. The party yacht comes with a kicking sound system, a dance floor and an exclusive lounge. If you want to top up, you can rent a yacht with stylish cabins, snorkeling equipment, jet skis and even kayaks to explore the waters.Not enough action? In Thailand, especially in Bangkok, Muay Thai or Kick Boxing is a must. Lumpinee Boxing Stadium is the best choice if you want to see blood, sweat, and grime as the best fighters slug it out in the ring. If you prefer a more laid-back experience, just head to the MBK mall on Wednesday evening for the fight night. When you want to train your own fighting skills, you can also book a private session for all you and your friends to make this bachelor party unforgettable!The first you’ll think of when connecting the words tattoo, Bangkok, and bachelor party is probably the famous Mike Tyson tattoo. But do yourself a favor and don´t get under no circumstances this specific tattoo ;). But we do recommend you get inked in Bangkok to capture this special memory forever. Common Ground Studio or BKK Inc Tattoo Studio are the ideal tattoo studios for getting inked by one of the world´s best tattoo artists.Bangkok´s spa and massage spots are all about the good life and it`s the perfect destination to get the most relaxed in a spa before heading into the nightlife. There is nothing worst than starting your bachelor party stressed out. Therefore, we suggest let floating away any worries in order to enjoy your bachelor party even more. And how else could you fix your hangover the best, if not with a relaxing spa day and amazing Thai food?One really big mistake you can make is to leave Bangkok without trying its amazing food. Whether it’ll be juicy pieces of grilled pork on a stick or a fiery bowl of ‘Tom Yum’ soup, you won´t regret it! When it comes to dining in Bangkok, the question is not what, where or even when to eat with so many amazing possibilities 24/7.You want to organize the best bachelor party in Bangkok but you aren’t on the spot and it´s difficult for you to handle these things? Bachelor Party Bangkok is the place to go, they’re able to make almost every wish come true.. The only thing you have to do is, to make sure they note all your wishes and requests and afterward you can just lay back and enjoy the perfect bachelor event ever!
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