5 Great Bachelor Party Ideas

Throw Your Party At A Unique Venue

A bachelor party is a very important party to everyone involved, especially the groom. It will be his last party as a free man before the wedding and it should be the best party of his life so far. What a lot of people don’t consider is why the location of the party is so important. Typically, a bachelor party is thrown at a random hotel with no thought to it. 

While we are able to recommend a variety of party friendly hotels, we think that a bachelor party should be thrown in a unique location, such as a yacht, luxury pool villas, party bus or even a Go-Go bar. When thinking about bachelor party ideas, think about our disco bus. It provides you with a very unique experience that most people probably have never thought of. 

Throw a bachelor party while traveling through the streets of Bangkok with sexy strippers and beautiful party girls while having a bar, DJ, and a state of the art sound system with laser shows. Did I mention that there are multiple stripper poles for more sexy entertainment?

Have A Night Out With Our Sexy Party Guide

When thinking about bachelor party ideas think about a bachelor party that isn’t just in one place. We recommend booking our sexy party guide to have bachelor party crawl. Our party guides know the absolute best places to throw parties including Go-Go bars, clubs, or even roof top bars. She has many connections with the nightlife industry and knows which clubs you are allowed to go wild in. 

Start the party at a few bars and enjoy drinking and playing pool with your buddy or maybe even our beautiful party girls. Continue the party by moving to different clubs and dance until your legs go numb. Finish the night out by visiting Go-Go bars where our sexy party guides can bring over girls to you, translate or even negotiate prices. Whatever you are looking for, our sexy party guides are there to make sure your bachelor party ideas become reality.

Have A Costume Themed Party

Superhero movies are all the rage in our time, and everyone has their favorite. Why not put that love into throwing a superhero themed bachelor party or something similar? Such as a fetish party or Vikings party. We have a wide variety of quality costumes that will be perfect for whatever kind of party you want to throw. 

To make the party even sexier you should book our Thai party girls to make the party even better. They are ready to party with you and the best part is, they have access to our costumes as well and so they will fit in perfectly with any party theme that you want to throw. This is one of our most fun bachelor party ideas and should not be overlooked when in Bangkok.

Travel In VIP Style

When arriving in Thailand for a bachelor party, the groom should feel like a VIP. Afterall, all of his buddies are there for him and he is there to be the center of attention. This is one of our more exclusive bachelor party ideas because we offer a variety of ways to make this happen, such as, our party minivan, private rooms in Go-Go bars, VIP yacht party and our luxurious limousine. Renting out a private room at a Go-Go bar is a particularly unique experience. Watch the bachelor get spanked by our BDSM experts or watch him receive a lap dance by one or more Go-Go girls.

Sexy Games And Pranks

No one likes a boring bachelor party. You need more than strippers and music for the ultimate bachelor party, you need sexy games to go along with it as well. We offer you plenty of opportunities to sexy up any bachelor party such as taking body shots off of the huge tits of one of our body shot girls, our incredibly sexy two-girls show, or even a sexy way to play beer pong. 

No bachelor party is complete without pranks. One of our most popular pranks is our ladyboy prank. We can blindfold the bachelor and have one of our strippers give him the lap dance of a lifetime, this is when we pull a switcheroo and switch her with a ladyboy. He is in for a meaty surprise. When thinking about bachelor party ideas, don’t just think of the booze and strippers, think about the laughs as well.

Other Bachelor Party Ideas

When thinking about a bachelor party in Thailand, you should think about more than just the strippers stripping. You should also think about the location, ways to make it feel unique, traveling in style and ways to make it so much sexier. Our bachelor party ideas are just a few examples of possible bachelor party ideas. Feel free to come up with your own ideas or check out our bachelor party package. Let us know what you think of and contact us, and we can make it happen for you. When working with Bachelor Party Bangkok, your dreams don’t have to be dreams.

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