Airport Transfer

Airport Transfer With Sexy Girls

Let’s face it, transportation sucks in most situations. You are forced to sit in traffic and stare out the window, anticipating your arrival at your destination. At Bachelor Party Bangkok we give you the option to turn all of that around and make transportation sexy. Step out of your plane and into one of our luxury transportation vehicles such as a limo, party minivan or disco bus. 

Know what the best part is? Girls, lots of sexy girls who are waiting to meet you for your airport transfer. Book our beautiful party girls who will make your airport transfer fun and sexy by giving you a lap dance, strip tease or an incredibly sexy two girl show. Forget staring out the window waiting for the ride to end, instead, stare at a great pair of huge tits and wish the ride will never end.

Airport pickup

Phuket Airport Transport In A Party Minivan

Our party minivan services bypass the many stressful steps that come with arriving at your location. No more having the hassle of dealing with finding a taxi, attempting to speak with the driver, who more than likely, does not speak English and finally making sure that the driver is actually going to the correct hotel. One of the more frustrating things is getting more than one taxi and getting separated from your friends. All of those hassles can be skipped by booking with us. 

The minute your plane touches down in Phuket, our party minivan will be there waiting for you for your airport transfer. One of our beautiful models will be there with a sign ready to direct you to the party minivan. Inside, you and your friends can enjoy ice cold beers served from one (or more) of our great selection of beautiful women. With a party minivan you can party with your friends and create fresh new memories. Why should the fun start after you arrive at your hotel when it can start minutes after you arrive in Thailand? Ride in heaven when you book our airport transfer in Phuket.

Bangkok Airport Pickup In A Disco Bus

Imagine arriving in Bangkok for a bachelor party. What typically happens is you get your luggage, stand in line for a taxi for 20 minutes, hope that the driver speaks English and hope that he actually brings you to the correct hotel. Not to mention you have to deal with the annoyance of taking multiple taxis and being split up from your buddies. Book our disco bus for an airport transfer and you can skip all of that and get the party started early. 

Touch down in Bangkok and our party bus will be waiting for you and your friends. Book our stripper to provide sexy entertainment using the two stripper poles installed on our bus. You also have access to a minibar so you can enjoy a drink while watching our sexy models tease you with their perfect bodies. Get picked up in style and avoid the stress of the average airport transfer to your fancy Bangkok hotel.

Limo Airport Transfer For A Bachelor Party

Picture yourself in charge of transportation to a bachelor party. You and your buddies touch down in Bangkok or Phuket and they are expecting to deal with the stress of getting a taxi. Instead, they walk outside and there is one of our luxury limos waiting for them. 

Book one of our luxury limos and enjoy the surprised looks on their faces when they look at the Thai party girls that you also booked for them for their private entertainment during the transportation. They are ready to do sexy dances and serve drinks for you and your buddies. Now that is how you start a party. We will gladly take you from the airport to your hotel in the fanciest stress-free way possible. Thank us later.

Best Airport Transfer In Thailand

Being transported from the airport is a chore and everyone knows it. Lucky for you we can make everything sexy, fun, and convenient for you the moment you arrive in Bangkok or Pattaya. Never again have to worry about finding an English-speaking driver, all of our drivers speak great English. Never have to worry about getting split up from your friends and instead book a party minivan, limo, or disco bus and get a lap dance from the sexiest women in Thailand instead. What are you waiting for? Your sexy adventure begins the moment your plane lands, so do not miss out on this unique airport transfer experience.

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