Affordable Yacht Party

An Affordable Yacht Party Experience

When the average person thinks of a yacht party, the first thing they think of is how unaffordable it is. That couldn’t be further from the truth when you contact us. Using our connections that we have built over the last two decades we are able to not only plan a perfect affordable yacht party for you, but the cost includes the crew to operate the yacht as well. Depending on how many people you want at the party we can get you yachts that can fit up to 60 people. Imagine 60 people having fun partying the night away on a yacht party that you planned.

Have Fun With Bikini Models

No yacht party is complete without sexy girls in bikinis, and we can handle that for you as well. Our models are the sexiest in all of Thailand and the best part is, they love to drink and party. They aren’t just there to look sexy; they are guaranteed to keep the party going and they love to laugh and have fun. They are also available to do things such as snorkeling, diving, and other water related activities. No yacht party is complete until you book our great selection of sexy bikini models that want to drink, party, and have lots of wet fun.

Best Yacht Party In Pattaya

When it comes to having a yacht party a lot of people would assume that Bangkok would be the best place to throw it. Afterall it is one of the party capitals of the world. However, the actual best place to have the perfect yacht party is in Pattaya. The reason for this is simple, while it is possible to have a yacht party in Bangkok and even Phuket, it is a lot cheaper to have it in Pattaya. While Phuket is capable of having an awesome yacht party, it is way more expensive compared to Pattaya.

Any yacht party in Bangkok will be on the Chao Phraya River, which creates an issue. There are a lot of temples located on the river and there are families visiting those temples every day. Out of respect for them we don’t recommend have girls with bikinis (or even topless girls) in plain view of those temples. So, when thinking of throwing the most affordable yacht party, consider planning it in Pattaya instead of Phuket and Bangkok to get the best experience possible.

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