10 best activities for a bachelor party

Bachelor parties are
one of the most popular parties, the reason here for is that everyone wants to
party one last time. Bachelor parties in Bangkok became very popular after the
movie Hangover. Bangkok is now the no.1 destinations for bachelor parties in the
whole world. We, Bachelor party Bangkok have a lot of experience in organizing
these events, we have been doing this for years now. It’s not easy to organize
a bachelor party or to choose which activity you want. That is the reason why
we have listed the top ten best activities for the most amazing bachelor party.

  • Amazing Adventure

activity is for those who want to experience the authentic Thai culture.
Amazing adventure is a day activity and can be customized to your needs. This
is fun for your friend or family, the activities during this event are fun and
educative for everyone.

  • Yacht parties

bachelor party on a yacht is fun and exciting. The sea is the best
accommodation for those who like wild parties, because there is no on the will
complain about the noise. This yacht parties comes in a package with a lot of services,
it’s also possible to customize the party all you want.

  • Xtreme fishing Bangkok & Pattaya

is one of the most relaxing activities, if you are stressed out about the
wedding or something else. Bangkok and Pattaya has the best fishing places, so
you would have the best time at beautiful places.

  • Sky diving

A lot
of people have Sky diving on their bucket list, how amazing would it be to
fulfill this wish with your friends at your bachelor party. Bangkok has a lot
of stunning coastal locations with the best view. It is possible to combine
this activity with another one.

  • Body to body massage

body to body massage is not like any other massage, because the masseuse will
not use her hands but her body to give the massage. If you want to relax and
spice things up, than this is a good activity for you.

  • VIP clubbing

night live in Bangkok is very exciting, there are a lot of clubs and bars. We,
bachelor party Bangkok can give you VIP access to the clubs of your choice,
this means no waiting outside, the best tables and the best transportation.

  • Fetish Private room

activity is a night activity, that can be organized for your Bachelor party. This
activity can be customize, you just need to tell us what you want.

  • Jacuzzi shower GOGO bar

A Gogo
bar is a combination between a bar and a night club, this kind of clubs are
very popular in Bangkok. Jacuzzi shower means that here will be shows given in
the jacuzzi.

  • White lion hangover

with lion Gogo bar is the famous bar from the movie Hangover part 2. How
amazing will it be to have your own bachelor party in that same bar. Combine
other activities with this activities and have the best party ever.

  • Thai – boxing

– boxing is a very fun activity for a bachelor party. This is an activity that
you can do with your friends to blow of  some steam.

Best Bachelor party Bangkok
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